Verizon’s Palm Pre Plus Ads Targeting Soccer Moms

A big complaint amongst the tight knit Palm community has been the questionable marketing messages in previous Palm Pre ad campaigns. Despite statistics showing that the creepy Palm girl resonated with viewers, it was not very popular with Palm Pre users. (Editor’s note: We actually like the ads). Those ads were run by Palm, who most will agree did a fantastic job with the Palm Pixi ads. Can you get that Sleepyhead song out of your head? In addition to Palm running ads, the carriers also pick up a big part of the marketing responsibility. Most will remember the onslaught of DROID commercials that aired leading up to it’s launch. It was non-stop. As a result, the DROID saw increased sales numbers.

Last week, Verizon launched the Palm Pre Plus and you probably wouldn’t know of it if you didn’t follow tech blogs. So where is the advertising and what’s coming? Well, the first ads we’ve seen cropped up on our iPhone forums at everythingiCafe and color us confused. The banner reads:

“The 3G smartphone

smart enough for mom.”


UPDATE: PreCentral alerts us to a few new ads that have showed upon Verizon’s YouTube account.

Verizon spent a year waiting for webOS devices and this is the campaign that is going to drive adoption of the Palm Pre Plus. Say it ain’t so.

Have you seen a TV ad or perhaps a banner ad with a more appropriate message? What do you think of the new ads. Let us know in the comments.

Bell “Meet My Pre” Webisodes

Bell has been running webisodes entitled “Meet My Pre” that are entertaining and a departure from sheer product based videos. In this episode, the Palm Pre advocate visits a nail salon. In addition to introducing the Pre to the ladies, he then proceeds to get a pedicure followed up by having his nails painted a forest green. We’re not crazy about the color, but these webisodes should serve Palm well as we suspect there is a viral element that will have more eyes viewing these webisodes.

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Bell Canada Palm Pre Ads Strike Resemblance To iPhone Ads

The Bell Canada Palm Pre ads are a departure from Sprint’s NOW Network ad campaign, but bear a striking resemblance to Apple’s iPhone campaign.

For those craving feature-ridden ad campaigns vs the brand building Tamara Hope ads, these will likely appeal to you. The carrier commercials in both countries are about selling phones, whereby the Modernista campaign is more about brand building.

To sell phones, you demonstrate features and this ad clearly demonstrates the features of the Palm Pre. The concern here is that the similarity between the two campaigns will have the less attentive thinking it’s nothing more than another iPhone commercial. Bell is on the right track, but it seems both wireless carriers have missed the mark.

Perhaps we’re in the minority when it comes to the Tamara Hope ads, but we say keep them coming. It makes us feel happy and inspired, as it does so many.

[via PreThinking]

Palm Pre Ads Evoke Feelings of Inspiration, Happiness

A nationwide study of 305 viewers looked at response to the new Palm Pre ads. While comments at our site and others seem to have an overwhelmingly negative response to the ads, that was not the case with the study group. In fact, half of the viewers chose inspiration or happiness as the emotions they felt while viewing the ad.


Respondents also felt the ads were generally effective with 46% saying they were “somewhat effective” and 21% saying they were extremely effective. Only 19% found the ads cofusing. MediaCurves allows you to watch the trending of interest throughout the commercial, which is particularly interesting.

From this study, it appears the Palm ads are successful, but do these feelings of inspiration translate to actual purchase? Still too early to tell, but it appears the campaign featuring Tamara Hope is likely to continue given these strong numbers.