More “Life Moves Fast, Don’t Miss a Thing” Ads

In case ¬†you missed these, Palm has a few new ads in support of the new “Life Moves Fast, Don’t Miss a Thing” campaign. One noticeable difference is the appearance of a phone in the ads, which was a complaint about the original ad. Next round, it would be great if we could see a glimpse of the phone to distinguish it as a Palm phone. Palm logo on the back will suffice. All in all, job well done. Anyone see these on their favorite show or sporting event? Let us know in the comments. Also hit us up if you know what songs are used in the commercials.

New BlackBerry OS 6.0 Preview Borrows Palm’s Advertising

Palm must have really nailed it with their “Life Moves Fast, Don’t Miss A Thing” ad. RIM today unveiled their next generation OS dubbed BlackBerry OS 6.0. While it’s not a traditional commercial, the promo video borrows heavily from Palm’s creative. This isn’t the first time this has happened, with Microsoft “borrowing” to promote Windows 7. As for us, we still prefer the original.

via EverythingBerry

AdMob Introduces Support for Ads in webOS

The Palm App Catalog now totals over 500. It seems like every day we are seeing an influx of apps. Free apps will likely look to companies like AdMob as a means to generate income. Developers will rejoice today as AdMob announced beta support for the webOS platform. As end users, it’s never exciting to hear that your favorite free app will now carry ads, but this is actually good news. New revenue opportunities will drive more free apps and we like free apps, especially the good ones.


They offer one ad unit, which can be place inside a webOS app to push CPC text ads or CPM banner ads. AdMob ahs made their webOS SDK open source and you can check out at AdMob’s Google Code page.

Glass half full or half empty? Let us know in the comments.

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