HP Makes It Right Part Deux, $50 Credit for Early Adopters

For those of you who took advantage of HP’s $50 “make it right” rebate on the TouchPad, you might feel some sting from the recent deals on the HP TouchPad. HP has not forgotten about you and they are making things right yet again. Those who purchased the HP TouchPad between July 1st and August 4th will receive a $50 credit for the App Catalog. Details will be forthcoming in an email next week.

Source: Palm’s Blog

How to improve the Palm App Catalog

The App Catalog has been around for a little less than a year and as of today there are over 3,000 applications. That’s a generous number when you consider the “apps” released by Brighthouse Labs, Appible, AppBookShop and others that help pad this number. Even on the high side, it does not come close to the 200,000 applications in Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market that is close to 100,000 apps. From the beginning, Palm has pitched the quality over quantity argument.  At the same time, they most certainly realize the importance of these quantity numbers. Lackluster numbers result in less developer interest and a perception among consumers that Palm’s App Catalog won’t offer enough applications to meet their needs. As we approach the one year anniversary of the App Catalog, here are a few suggestions on how to improve the App Catalog.

Palm App Catalog

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Angry Birds coming to webOS?

Some fantastic news dropped today in the webOS world. RovioMobile, the developer of the infamous iPhone game Angry Birds today tweeted this little nugget of joy which has brought a wave of excitement across the community:-

“For all you Palm WebOS fans out there: If enough people want it, we’ll make it. http://tinyurl.com/AngryBirdsforPalm

Yes people, this means that this great game could very well be soon making its way to our fantastic platform! Not a fan of Angry Birds?  Well, don’t be too underwhelmed. The scale of this notorious game, if ported of course, will almost certainly open the eyes of many, many top developers that have yet to either notice webOS or take it seriously. Which means a very strong potential for more fantastic apps being ported to our loving Pre’s and Pixi’s. Morever this will be sure to highlight the simplicity of Palm’s PDK and how easy it is for developers to port their existing apps to webOS. Perhaps developers are even unaware that it is now free to develop for our beloved platform, with Palm scrapping the $50 app submission fee back in June, and also dropping their $99 developer sign-up fee for a limited time only!

So what are you waiting for? Go and sign up your interest on Rovio Mobile’s website right here!

App Review: Spell Well

If you’re looking for a great little time waster game, but something that can keep your brain working then you should check out Spell Well by Visc, Inc. In this simple game, you have to guess the correct spelling of a word out of a selection of four, with each level consisting of five sets of words. If you choose the wrong spelling of the word you’ll lose a chunk of time and have to start again at the beginning of the set of five. You also have a timer for each level, so the quicker you do it in, the greater your score. Obviously the higher the levels go, the harder the words get, and the more trickier the options are to choose from.  I personally just found it quite an interesting little game, and even though I thought I’m pretty hot on spelling, it caught me out on a good few occasions and made me realise how much I probably rely on spell check these days.

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MunduIM for webOS Review

So here we have it, the long awaited all-in-one, instant messaging app for webOS – MunduIM by Geodesic Ltd. It was just released to the App Catalog this morning, which was I’m sure a welcome sight for a lot of people. Particularly those that are waiting for the very first webOS app that supports Facebook chat. But how does it fair? And with no trial or lite version, is it worth the pennies? Well read on…we shall poke a little deeper and find out.

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Palm Extends Half Price App Catalog Sale

Palm’s summer “Half Off” sale on almost every application in the App Catalog has been a huge success and resulted in a drastic increase in downloads of both free and paid apps. Let’s face it, it’s stirred up interest in the App Catalog and that’s a great thing. Looks like Palm agrees and they’ve extended the sale by two weeks. From now until July 23rd, you can save 50% off almost every app in the App Catalog.


Have a favorite you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments.

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Palm’s App Catalog Sale Starts NOW!

Palm has confirmed via Twitter that it’s go time for the  50% off sale on applications in the Palm App Catalog and Palm web channel. The promotion runs now through July 9th. If you pick up any good apps, let us know in the comments.


Palm To Subsidize 50% Off All App Catalog Apps

Surprising news today coming from a developer webinar hosted by AT&T and Palm. According to one of the slides, Palm will be running a 50% off promotion on all App Catalog apps. Of course this benefits end users, but it also benefits developers who will still see payments based upon the full retail price of their apps. Palm will be subsidizing the promo. For those counting at home, that’s $1 million for the Hot Apps promo ending June 30th, another $1 million for the PDK Hot Apps promo and now this limited time 50% promotion. Palm is certainly doing everything they can to stir up excitement among both developers and end users. The rumored dates for this promotion are June 21st through July 9th.


Source: PreCentral

Facebook for Palm webOS update released

Palm has released a minor update to Facebook for Palm webOS. Version 1.2.1 is available for download in the App Catalog now.


The 1.2.1 update addresses an occasional news feed bug and other minor issues. Facebook for Palm webOS 1.2 includes customizable webOS notifications, support for Facebook videos, keyboard shortcuts, and more.

Let us know how the improvements are working for you.

Poll: What’s Your Favorite Twitter App for webOS?

Do you tweet, follow and enjoy the chirp of Twittering on your webOS device? If so, take part in our poll and let us know what Twitter app should reign supreme. Feel free to offer up your comments if you’d like elaborate on why you feel your selection is the best of the bunch. Is it Tweed, Twee, Spaz or Bad Kitty? twitter-for-webos