Palm To Include webOS App Store on Palm Pre

While it was not available today, Palm executives confirmed there will be an App Store on the Palm Pre. With all the secrecy surrounding the announcement today, developers will be anxious to get their hands on the webOS SDK. Given the unbridled success of the App Store on Apple’s iPhone, this seems like a no-brainer. No release date has been set for the App Store launch, but one would presume it would be ready when the Palm Pre is released in the first half of 2009. <

Palm Launches New App Store

Apple has redefined the software distribution system with their popular App Store and Palm has launched their own App Store. Unlike a native App Store application, the new Palm App Store is more or less a gateway to browse software using Blazer. It’s more or less a shortcut to their mobile web store, similar to visiting via Blazer.

When Palm announces their Nova OS next month at CES, we hope to see a native App Store application. Apple has set the standard with their App Store, RIM is expected to launch their App Store next month and  Microsoft is expected to join the fray sometime next year. Software has always been a great way to expand the mobile experience and making it easier to get software on your device is the key to success.

You can download the new App Store directly from Palm. There is a Palm OS and Windows Mobile version available.

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