Palm Live Twitter Support Hour

Have questions about the Palm Pre that you weren’t able to get resolved in our Palm Pre forums? Well, Palm will be hosting a Twitter Q&A with Dave Moloney, Palm’s Director of Knowledge Management tomorrow from 1pm-2pm Pacific time. To ask a question, simply send your question with @palm in your tweet during the specified time frame. If we don’t make it in time, here’s our question:

@palm when can we expect your App Catalog to offer a wide variety and steady stream of apps.

via Palm’s Blog

Decision To Decaffeinate

Just days after our announcement, EverythingPre at this point has decided to remove our Homebrew Apps downloads section. If you are interested in downloading Homebrew Apps, we suggest you visit the Homebrew App Gallery at Pre|Central (registration required). They have done a great job of setting up a comprehensive downloads section complete with a rating system.


You can still discuss Homebrew Apps in our forums. Not a member, register now.

We look forward to Palm and webOS developers adding applications to the Palm App Catalog, offering Palm Pre owners a wider selection of apps, without having to go through non-traditional methods to enjoy third party applications.

Welcome Homebrew App Developers

Last week, we polled our readers to gauge interest in homebrew apps. Over 64% of our readers have an interest in homebrew apps, while just 17.4% are waiting for more apps to appear in Palm’s official App Catalog. Almost 1/5 of our audience were not sure what homebrew apps are and how they get installed. Clearly, there is a great interest in homebrew apps among our readers, so we’re reaching out to homebrew app developers to add their homebrew apps to our downloads section here at Everything Pre.


If you are a developer, we would like to invite you to share your application with the Palm Pre community by adding your app to our Homebrew Downloads section. To add your application, simply register and then select submit your file in Homebrew downloads. We’ve set up categories to make it easier for our readers to find apps, but we need apps. Join us in building a great homebrew app file repository for Palm Pre owners.

For those wondering, homebrew apps are typically applications developed by a single developer or user. Some might appear in the App Catalog at some point, but for now there are a number of methods that allow you to install apps on your Palm Pre. For those interested in discussing homebrew applications, available apps or how to install, please visit the homebrew apps section of our forums.