Hobbyist Software Releases Butler 5.0

Hobbyist Software today announced the release of Butler 5.0 . Butler has been a best selling app for both the Treo and Centro and the new version introduces a host of new features.


  • New ‘flash screen’ function for alarms
  • New interface for accessing the growing number of features
  • Added auto-off options page to let you control how/when your device turns off
  • Added Speedy keys options page to let you navigate and even type faster!
  • Option to select apps which will disable the keyguard.
  • Added sliding keyguard option.
  • Keyguard completely rebuilt to offer transparrent drawing over the main screen (It looks beautiful!).
  • Loads of status icons for the keyguard.
  • Added Lefty preference page to set the global ‘Lefty’ setting and a Lefty slider for the keyguard.
  • Support for 4Cast weather in keyguard. 

Butler 5.0 is available at both the Everything Treo Software Store and the Everything Centro Software Store. Register for our forums to receive a coupon code valid for 20% off your software purchases.