HP Ads Promote webOS To Developers

New HP banner advertisements are starting to pop up on various tech sites and they are promoting webOS to developers. The caption reads, “HP webOS is the best platform to express your creativity“.  We’re assuming it’s for developers in an attempt to garner more interest and ultimately improve upon the 5,000 apps available in the App Catalog. The ad was seen on everythingiCafe, which is an iPhone community. It certainly makes sense. Find the best iPhone forum in town and advertise webOS in hopes you’ll get a few developers to jump on board.

HP webOS

UPDATE: Here’s another ad also found on everythingiCafe.
HP webOS art ad

Palm To Subsidize 50% Off All App Catalog Apps

Surprising news today coming from a developer webinar hosted by AT&T and Palm. According to one of the slides, Palm will be running a 50% off promotion on all App Catalog apps. Of course this benefits end users, but it also benefits developers who will still see payments based upon the full retail price of their apps. Palm will be subsidizing the promo. For those counting at home, that’s $1 million for the Hot Apps promo ending June 30th, another $1 million for the PDK Hot Apps promo and now this limited time 50% promotion. Palm is certainly doing everything they can to stir up excitement among both developers and end users. The rumored dates for this promotion are June 21st through July 9th.


Source: PreCentral

Palm webOS PDK Public Beta Now Available

Palm this week will be demonstrating 3D gaming at GDC (Game Developer’s Conference) in San Francisco. As perfect timing would have it, the company has announce the public beta release of webOS PDK or plug-in development kit. For those of you who have checked out Need for Speed or any of the App Catalog 3D games, they were developed using the PDK. With this now available, this should allow for expanded App Catalog offerings. Full press release after the break. Developers can find more information and download the PDK by hitting up developer.palm.com.


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webOS PDK Public Beta Coming In March

The webOS PDK, also known as the “plug-in development kit”, is the sole reason we’re starting to see all these amazing new games on webOS. However, up until now, the webOS PDK was distributed to a small group of developers. The big players such as EA and Gameloft have used their early access to deliver games like “Need for Speed”,  “Let’s Golf” and “NFL 2010″.


PreCentral alerts us that Palm will offer up a public beta of the PDK in March. This is exciting for developers and will likely result in even more expansive games on the webOS platform. If the first batch of games are any indication, webOS owners are in for some great games in the not so distant future.

Palm Thanks Developers With $100 Gift Card

Palm is expected to open the Palm Developer Program to the public later this month, marking an end to the beta that’s helped shape the program. The developers who have taken part in the beta are being rewarded for their efforts in many ways. The company has sent out letters to developers thanking them for all their efforts and including a $100 Amazon gift certificate in time for the holiday season.


While I’m sure developers will appreciate the gift certificate, receiving a letter from the CEO of Palm along with Ben Galbraith and Dion Almaer provides no better indication of Palm’s dedication to the developer community. Well deserved and well done.

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Palm Ares SDK Currently In Testing Phase

Last month, we heard about Palm’s ARES development tool for webOS. As a refresher, it’s a web based development kit that allows faster development of apps for webOS. Palm is currently testing ARES with a select group of developers to help squash bugs and to seek suggestions for improving ARES. The net for end users is that ARES is aimed at providing developers with an easy entry to webOS development. This should ultimately result in more apps for you, the end user.

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Palm Reaches Out To Third Party App Developers for webOS

Palm is taking steps to reach out to developers looking to develop third party applications for the new Palm Pre and webOS. Unlike the folks in Curpertino, Palm is asking for feedback from developers on third party application distribution. Don’t discount how much developers will embrace being part of the solution and having a say in the new Palm App Catalog (official name for Palm’s new App Store).

Andrew Shebanow (formerly of Adobe) is in charge of third party app distribution and solicting feedback from developers regarding the following:

  • how would you like to see application installation work? Application updating?
  • should palm provide a complete payment processing story or stay out of everyone’s way?
  • should payment be handled in-application or prior to download or both?
  • how should trials and tryouts work?
  • do you want to host your application “binaries” on your servers or on ours? Why?
  • should we treat open source applications differently? If so, how?
  • how should palm handle “featured” applications?
  • how should users be able to find/browse for your application?

Great new OS. Solid hardware. Reaching out the developer community. Palm is taking all the right steps to make the Palm Pre a success.

Developers can read more about how they can provide feedback at Andrew’s blog

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