HP Touchstone Charging Dock $39.99, HP TouchPad Case $19.99

We have been waiting for the fire sale to hit official HP TouchPad accessories and Office Depot is the first retailer to oblige. You can pickup the HP Touchstone Charging Dock for $39.99, a savings of $40 off the retail price. The HP TouchPad case is available for $19.99, a savings of $30 off the retail price. These are the lowest prices we’ve seen.

HP TouchPad case


UPDATE: Charging dock is available for future order along with case. HP TouchPad Keyboard is still available for $29.99.

HP Touchstone TouchPad Charger $50 Shipped at HP Store

The HP Touchstone TouchPad charger is a bit of luxury accessory when purchased at it’s full retail price of $79.99. This even more so considering the HP TouchPad is priced at a ridiculously low $99. HP has lowered the price on HP TouchPad accessories by 20%, bringing the Touchstone charger to $55.99, with free shipping. If you add coupon code ‘SAVE15HP’, it will shave an additional $15 off the price. It will bring you below the threshold for free shipping, but you can either add paper or enjoy a healthy savings over the retail price. With tax, shipping and discounts, the HP Touchstone Charging Dock can be had for $50 shipped.

HP Touchstone Charging Dock