Celebrating Our 8th Anniversary

Today is our 8th anniversary covering Palm phones. Back on April 14th, 2002, we launched everythingtreo.com, as a resource for Handspring Treo enthusiasts. For many, including myself, the original Treo was transformational. Back in 2002, there weren’t many who were checking email from their phones and many scoffed at the idea. “Who needs to check email on their phone?” There was something magical about that “communicator” that looked like it was something out of a Star Trek movie. In the past eight years, we’ve chronicled Palm’s phones at our family of Palm sites — everythingtreo.com, everythingcentro.com and now everythingwebos.com. Our sites have amassed a wealth of information, most of which was borne from our community of just under 100,000 members. Our mantra has been to create a “friendly, knowledgeable site for Palm users” and that’s our goal moving into year nine.


A big thanks to our partners, Smartphone Experts and Mobihand. They make it all possible and have provided our customers with legendary service over the years.

It’s exciting to see that for many, the Palm Pixi or Palm Pre still provides that transformational experience for a whole new generation of smartphone owners.


It’s been a fun ride and I certainly look forward to the next eight years.