HP Pre 3 World Phone Passes Through FCC

The GSM Pre 3 already passed through the FCC and now comes a CDMA + GSM variant, which paves the way for the release of a world phone capable Pre 3. FCC materials describe this as supporting CDMA + FCC. That of course narrows down the release of the HP 3 being on either Verizon, Sprint or both. Our gut says it’ll be an exclusive with one carrier. This is a tough spot for Palm. Verizon is clearly the larger carrier, but so many webOS enthusiasts are Sprint customers.
HP Pre 3 World Phone

Both the Pre 3 and Touchpad are scheduled for a summer release. Summer officially starts on June 21st.

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WiFi Capable Palm Pixi Clears FCC, Heading for Verizon

The FCC is always good for an advance look of what’s coming down the pike and Engadget managed to find an application for a CDMA/EVDO Palm Pixi with WiFi. The model number is P121EWW, a number seen in previous leaks. No word on whether there are any other significant changes.


With a Verizon Palm Pixi toting WiFi on the way, you have to wonder why Sprint/Palm didn’t include WiFi on current model? How will this news affect existing Palm Pixi sales? If Verizon is still planning on releasing the Pre, is there enough differentiation between a WiFi Palm Pixi and the Pre?

Palm ‘Pixe’ Passing Through FCC

In preperation for the November 15th release, Palm’s Pixi appears to be making the rounds through the FCC approval process. This is normal for any shipping phone in the US and we don’t imagine there will be any obstacles to the November 15th release. Oddly enough, the Pixi is listed as the Palm Pixe, but odds are it’s the Pixi we’ve seen before.


If you’re the type to pour over FCC documentation, it’s all for the taking. Those awaiting the actual device will need $99.99 and a few weeks of patience.

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CDMA Palm Treo Pro Gets FCC Approval, Sprint Annoucement Soon?

The CDMA version of Palm’s Treo Pro has just received FCC approval, the final step to it becoming available for sale. It’s been rumored for weeks to release on Sprint and many thought Palm would use CES to announce the Treo Pro. It’s clear the company wanted to keep one the light shining on the new Palm Pre, which it did quite successfully with the Pre winning "Best in Show" at CES.

With the Pre announcement behind us, look for a Sprint Treo Pro announcement  in the coming days, weeks. 

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