webOS 1.4.5 Update Released for AT&T Palm Pixi Plus

Owners of the AT&T Palm Pixi Plus should be excited today as Palm has released the webOS 1.4.5 update that should be hitting your phone OTA. The big news here is that you’ll now be able to enjoy PDK developed games, so we don’t mind if go get your Angry Birds on.

webOS Update

Full changelog:

  • Version: webOS 1.4.5
  • Release date: 11 October 2010

New applications


Feature changes to existing applications


  • This release includes minor fixes and enhancements to support the public release of the webOS PDK.


  • If a user enters text in a field on certain websites, the screen focus now remains on the text being entered.
  • This release fixes a rare problem so that podcasts now download correctly.


This release addresses several security issues with the Palm webOS software.

We’d like to thank Nils of MWR InfoSecurity and Chris Clark for their help in identifying the issues addressed in this release. Individuals interested in contacting Palm to report suspected security issues can find more information at palm.com/security.

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Angry Birds coming to webOS?

Some fantastic news dropped today in the webOS world. RovioMobile, the developer of the infamous iPhone game Angry Birds today tweeted this little nugget of joy which has brought a wave of excitement across the community:-

“For all you Palm WebOS fans out there: If enough people want it, we’ll make it. http://tinyurl.com/AngryBirdsforPalm

Yes people, this means that this great game could very well be soon making its way to our fantastic platform! Not a fan of Angry Birds?  Well, don’t be too underwhelmed. The scale of this notorious game, if ported of course, will almost certainly open the eyes of many, many top developers that have yet to either notice webOS or take it seriously. Which means a very strong potential for more fantastic apps being ported to our loving Pre’s and Pixi’s. Morever this will be sure to highlight the simplicity of Palm’s PDK and how easy it is for developers to port their existing apps to webOS. Perhaps developers are even unaware that it is now free to develop for our beloved platform, with Palm scrapping the $50 app submission fee back in June, and also dropping their $99 developer sign-up fee for a limited time only!

So what are you waiting for? Go and sign up your interest on Rovio Mobile’s website right here!

New Apps Available in Palm App Catalog, Survivors Ready Edition

Palm today offered up a number of new applications in the Palm App Catalog. Seems to be a regular occurrence and a welcome one. Once paid apps are introduced (possibly next week), we’re thinking that the adding of new apps will happen with such regularity that it won’t even be newsworthy. For now, fire up the App Catalog and you’ll see a number of new applications including one for Survivor Samoa, which airs tonight.


The new apps include:

  • Survivor Samoa
  • P2GoogleVoice
  • Ditto
  • DeadMan
  • Dot Game
  • Chess for webOS
  • Reversi
  • PicHunt – Space Explorer
  • PicHunt – Pets
  • PicHunt – Vintage
  • P2Snippets
  • MediPDA
  • Send My Location for webOS
  • TipCalc
  • Hebrew Calendar Trial Version

Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments or in our Palm Pre forums.

App Catalog Gets Three New Apps

Palm’s App Catalog now features three new applications, two of which are games.  Spades is based on the popular card game and allows for four game variants (parnter, solo, suicide, mirror).  Like others in the beta App Catalog, Spades is free but appears to be the first webOS app that is supported by advertising. Blackout is of the puzzle variety, where you must turn lights on/off.


Finally, Chapura’s Echo for Palm Desktop 6.2.2 is a synchronization solution for the Palm Pre. Features include:

  • Reliable two-way Palm Desktop Address Book and Date Book Synchronization
  • Local WiFi Synchronization

Chapura’s Echo software retails for $29.95, but they do offer a 7 day trial. For more information, contact Chapura.