iTunes Sync Not Coming Back With webOS Update 1.3.1

We’ve seen leaks from resellers and now the first review of the Palm Pixi has surfaced. From what we’ve heard, the Palm Pixi will not ship with webOS 1.3.1, but the update is available via Updates. Apparently, Palm is able to distinguish the Pixi and push the 1.3.1 update, otherwise Pre owners would be seeing the same update.  For those wondering, PhoneArena confirms that the current webOS 1.3.1 build does not fix media sync with iTunes.


The Palm Pixi will be available for sale in less than 4 days. Is there a last minute fix coming and what about the mysterious Facebook app? Our Horacio Caine CSI Palm Pixi investigation seems to be spot on, with Phone Arena also confirming that no Facebook app to be found on the Palm Pixi. Sure it could surface in the App Catalog this Sunday, but wouldn’t Palm want this on review devices?

Those looking for an alternative to iTunes should check out DoubleTwist and iTunes Sync Agent.

iTunes 9.0.2 Update Breaks Palm webOS Media Sync

Coupled with the Apple TV 3.0 software update, Apple also released iTunes 9.0.2. As we suspected when it was fixed in webOS 1.2.1, Apple has once again broken the ability to sync the Palm Pre with iTunes.


There are a number of third party solutions available, including DoubleTwist, that will allow you to continue syncing with iTunes. Of course, we expect Palm will continue this go around with Apple and provide a fix in a future software update. This dance is oh so familiar.

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Palm Releases webOS 1.2.1, Fixes iTunes Sync and Exchange Issues

Palm today has released webOS 1.2.1 update. The update re-enables iTunes media sync and addresses issues plaguing Exchange users. Yesterday, we theorized that Palm might be ready to give up on media sync capabilities with iTunes based upon the product description(s) of the Pre and Pixi. Clearly, we were wrong and Palm appears committed to keeping this feature functional, despite Apple’s best efforts. The full changelog is available after the break. As per the usual, webOS 1.2.1 is available via the Updates app. webOS 1.2.1 weighs in at 38MB.

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Palm Giving Up iTunes Sync?

There has been no word from Palm on whether or not iTunes sync will return. Many thought it might debut in webOS 1.2.0, but it was quickly debunked. So where does that leave this feature? In looking at the wording on Palm’s product descriptions for both the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi, it doesn’t appear this feature is going to return any time soon. The Palm Pre lists support, but now includes the footnote, “Compatible with iTunes 8.2. Compatibility with future versions not guaranteed.” The Palm Pixi description is cleverly worded and alludes to support for getting non-DRM music from iTunes to the Pixi, but gone are references to the media sync feature.


It was a useful feature and certainly one that will be missed by those who manage their music with iTunes. There are a number of alternatives including DoubleTwist, Missing Sync for Palm Pre and the old standby that is drag & drop. If you stick with iTunes 8.2, the feature will work with the Palm Pre, although we’re not sure if the Pixi will support media sync in iTunes 8.2 despite the product description. Could Palm include this in a future update? Sure, but the writing is on the wall or should we say Palm’s website. Is it too early to ask for Palm Desktop with support for iTunes playlists?

webOS 1.2.0 Does Not Correct iTunes Syncing Issue

If you’ve held off on upgrading to iTunes 9.0 in hopes that webOS 1.2 would re-introduce iTunes syncing, you’re going to have to hold off a bit longer. According to joek71 in our forums, the update does not fix the iTunes sync issue that was introduced with iTunes 9. We suspect Palm might let us know if a fix is on the way. We understand the cat and mouse game, but at some point consumers need to be aware of why promoted features are not working and if when they’ll be corrected.

There is plenty of goodness in webOS 1.2.0 to keep you busy, so get to downloading. We’ll certainly keep you updated on the iTunes front.

iTunes 9 Breaks Palm Pre Syncing

Apple today introduced iTunes 9, a major update to their media management software. As many speculated, the latest update once again breaks the ability to sync music between iTunes and the Palm Pre. If you currently sync your Palm Pre with iTunes, we’d suggest you hold off on upgrading until Palm releases a fix. We’re speculating, but perhaps there is a reason why the webOS 1.2 update was delayed.


Pre Release Version of The Missing Sync for Palm Pre Available

A  pre-release of the PC versioned Mark/Space’s The Missing Sync for Palm Pre is now available for download, that is compatible with both Windows XP and Vista.  The Missing Sync allows you to sync contacts and calendars with your desktop PC via WiFi. You can also sync music with iTunes, along with transferring documents and files.


The Missing Sync for Palm Pre is normally priced at $39.99, but there is no charge to test drive the pre-release version. Visit Mark/Space to download The Missing Sync for Palm Pre. While the official release is said to support Vista, under known issues, the company states DO NOT USE THIS RELEASE WITH WINDOWS VISTA!

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