Palm Smart Phone Market Share Steady Thanks To Pre

A recent survey conducted by ChangeWave research shows that Palm has reversed the trend that saw them losing market share. With the release of the Palm Pre, the company has held steady at 7% market share. Of course, this is a big decline from 2006, where the company led with a 36% market share. The release of the Palm Pre in June and forthcoming Palm Pixi should help Palm capture part of that lost market share to RIM and Apple. It also remains to be seen how Android phones will impact the current market leaders.


Palm has long stated that more webOS devices are in the pipeline and Verizon has confirmed they will get both the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi in early 2010. More carriers, the maturation of the App Catalog and a variety of webOS devices should make for an interesting 2010.

The research firm also measured customer satisfaction, with Palm just below HTC with 33% saying they were “very satisfied” with their phone. Phones are not broken out by model, so it’s not clear as to what phones might be a drag on those numbers.


So how about you, the Palm Pre customer. Are you very satisfied with your Palm Pre? Let us know in the comments.

[via Investor Place]