Palm’s App Catalog Reaches 1,000 App Milestone

It was only a matter of time given the steady stream of apps, but we’re pleased to see Palm hit the 1,000 app milestone. With the release of webOS 1.3.5, the App Catalog is no longer in beta and now they’ve reached 1,000 apps. Sure, there’s some Brighthouse Labs filler in those numbers, but that’s an occurrence found on other major platforms. Either way, this is an accomplishment worth noting.

In a nifty PR move, Palm orchestrated Engadget’s new webOS app as the 1,000th app, almost guaranteeing coverage throughout the tech blogs. It’s also a good looking app if you have any interest in the latest gadget news.

Palm closes out a very successful 2009 and all eyes will be on the company again this Thursday when they present at CES. We’ll be there to cover it live, so be sure to check back for complete coverage.