Palm Pre Case Deal

If you’re in the market for an leather sleeve case for your Palm Pre, Palm Pre Plus or even Palm Pre 2, then I’d suggest you head on over to Verizon Wireless toot sweet. They have limited supply of a Palm Pre Plus leather sleeve for the price of $2.97. That price includes overnight shipping. If that’s not your style, our very own everythingpre Store offers the largest selection of Palm Pre cases and accessories with prices starting at just $9.95. All of our cases and accessories are backed by our 30-day guarantee.

Palm Pre case

Palm Pre Plus Back At Verizon

The Palm Pre Plus had gone missing from Verizon’s website last week, prompting many to think that perhaps they were making room for the forthcoming Palm Pre 2. It looks as if the Palm Pre Plus is back online again at Verizon, so again we’re in a holding pattern waiting for the Pre 2. Still no official release date or reviews, but we have seen a rumored November 11th date. When we hear something, concrete or otherwise, we’ll pass it along.

Palm Pre Plus Verizon

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AT&T Now Offering Refurbished Palm Pre Plus

If you are looking to save a few bucks off the price of an AT&T Palm Pre Plus, you can now order a refurbished Pre Plus for just $49. This price does require a new 2-year commitment, so it’s not a significant savings over the new model which is priced at just $99. The no-committment price is still set at $299, which is still less than Palm’s developer pricing where it’s a whopping $479.99.

AT&T Palm Pre Plus refurbished

HP has a new promo at their wireless store, offering any device on any carrier for free. In addition, you’ll receive a gift card valid for $50 in the App Catalog.

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Verizon Phasing Out Palm Pre Plus, Making Room for Palm Pre 2?

According to a few leaked documents sent to Engadget, it appears that Verizon has started to phase out a number of phones including the Palm Pre Plus. The Palm Pixi Plus is not listed among those being phased out, which leads us to believe that a possible replacement is en route for the Palm Pre Plus. Perhaps those rumors of a Palm Pre 2 heading to Verizon are true.

Verizon Palm Pre

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AT&T Palm Pre Plus Now Just $99 On Contract

Good news for those of you considering the Palm Pre Plus on AT&T. TFTS lets us know that AT&T is now offering the Palm Pre Plus for just $99 after a $50 instant discount. It’s currently out of stock, so it’s not clear why they would be dropping the price. For those of you looking for attractive no-committment pricing, you can score the Palm Pre Plus for just $299. For more information, check out AT&T Wireless online.

AT&T Palm Pre Plus

Verizon Showcases Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus in Summer Catalog

Verizon’s summer catalog has been leaked and it’s good to see that Big Red is still committed to promoting Palm’s dynamic duo. Both the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are prominently featured next to Motorola’s Droid tandem and a duo of Blackberry devices. With the free mobile hot spot, Verizon’s Palm webOS phones still represent one of the best values in wireless.

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AT&T Survey Pitches Address Book, Speaks In Code

AT&T has been sending out surveys to new smartphone customers. Having just purchased a Palm Pixi Plus (and then a Palm Pre Plus), I was included in the survey. The survey started by asking me to confirm if I recently purchased a Palm Elan (P121UNA). Most hardcore Palm fans will know this refers to the Palm Pixi Plus, but this question will likely will have consumers scratching their head asking, “What’s a Palm Elan?”. My curiousity was piqued as to what information AT&T was attempting to glean from the survey.

As I proceed through the survey, I was asked a littany of questions regarding AT&T’s Address Book service. I have no shortage of smartphones, but this was the first I had heard of this service. There is no charge and it apparently backs up your contacts to the cloud. I thoughtto myself, what a novel idea. Then I remembered that I just purchased a Palm Pre Plus. With my existing Palm Profile in place, all my contacts and apps were already in place by the time I left the AT&T store. When I moved from the Pixi Plus to the Pre Plus, it took me all of 10 minutes to sign into my profile and have all my contacts in place.

In theory, the AT&T Address Book sounds like a good service, if it were not for a duplication of what Palm owners already have with the Palm Profile. I have yet to sign up for the service, but I’m considering it. My Palm Profile has yet to fail me, but you can never have too many backups. Both the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are supported and there is no charge. For more information, you can check out AT&T.

Anyone using this service? How’s it working for you?

Fight: Palm Pre Plus vs Droid Incredible

These online polls are a great way to get everybody’s fan base in a tizzy and certainly a good traffic driver for the good folks at Laptop Mag. In any event, we’ll play along. You know the routine. Palm Pre Plus vs Droid Incredible. Vote below to show’em who’s boss.

HP Offering Palm Pre Plus, Palm Pixi Plus Free on Contract

As we noted, HP did not waste any time getting the line of webOS phones and accessories on their site once the deal was finalized. The company also has a special promotion on webOS phones going on now through July 7th. For a limited time, you can get a Palm Pre Plus (AT&T, Verizon) or a Palm Pixi Plus (AT&T, Verizon) for free with a new account or new line of service. For AT&T lines, you’ll also have the activation fee waived. It doesn’t end there. Palm Pre Plus customers receive an accessory kit that includes:

  • Premium In-Vehicle Charger
  • Axiom Premium Genuine Leather Case
  • Renegade Mini Bluetooth Headset

You can find these promotions at HP.

Amazon Drops Price on AT&T Palm Pre Plus To A Penny

If you’ve been sitting on the sideline waiting for a price drop on the AT&T Palm Pre (see our review), your patience has been rewarded with a new deal available at Amazon. The Palm Pre Plus is available for a penny. This does require you either sign up for a new contract. If you are upgrading, the price jumps to a wallet-friendly $49.99. The Palm Pre Plus comes with free shipping and no activation fee. Unlike the iPhone 4, Amazon has plenty in stock, but we bet they’ll sell faster at this new rock bottom price.


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