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Centro Cutting Into Treo Sales

According to financial analysts, Palm’s Centro smartphone is having an adverse affect on sales of the Palm Treo.

"We think the Centro is seeing modest success, but this is partially at the cost of higher margin Treo products," writes Citigroups Jim Suva. Suva went on to say, "We believe Centro products carry lower-than-corporate average margins to to the heavy subsidy required to hit the $99 price point. Centro traction may be viewed positively, but we think this will be offset by the negative financial impact." Suva also commented that Palm stands to lose more than RIM with Apple’s iPhone SDK release and entry into the Enterprise market.

The Palm Centro was originally thought of as a low-cost member of the Treo family, but Palm essentially rebranded the device as the Centro. The Centro has been referred to as a "Tiny Treo". While it has a smaller, pocketable form factor, the software package is virtually identical to the more expensive Palm Treo 755p. Palm released the Centro on Sprint Wireless back in October of 2007, months after the release of the Treo 755p was released on the same network. Palm most likely knew that releasing them at the same time would cause cannibalization of the higher priced Treo 755p. After the buzz of the Treo 755p had worn off, the Centro release injected new life into the Palm product line. The Centro has enjoyed modest success at time when Treo sales were slumping. While I’m sure there is some level of cannibalization that has occurred, it would have to be across carriers, thus meaning that a customer would have switch providers. Palm’s latest lineup includes:

  • Treo 755p (Carrier: Verizon Wireless)
  • Centro (Carrier: Sprint)
  • Centro (Carrier: AT&T)
  • Treo 750 (Carrier: AT&T)

It’s unclear how many "switchers" will jump carriers for a device. Not to mention that despite the same software bundle, these two smartphones are not cut from the same cloth. The more expensive Treo, while remaining a tad on bulky side, offers a better build quality than the value priced Centro. While AT&T offers both the Centro and Treo, the latter is the Treo 750 that runs Windows Mobile, while the Centro runs the Palm OS. While it is certainly plausible that some cannibalization has occured, it’s the lack of a new smartphone in the Treo series that is affecting Palm’s margins. The last major release was the Palm Treo 755p and this was seen as an evolutionary product. While the Treo 755p is new to Verizon, it’s release comes 7 months after the Sprint release of the same phone, that’s a significant amount of time when you are discussing mobile technology. Apple’s iPhone was released in June of last year and the company expects to reach the 10 million mark in device sales by the end of 2008.

Palm will announce their fiscal fiscal third quarter results Thursday. Analysts expect Palm to miss Wall Street estimates. As a result Palm shares were down today 18.5 cents or 4.7% at $4.88.


Source: Barrons

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Top Ten Treo Software Titles

  1. Butler: The assistant who thinks of everything. Alarms, Attention Grabber, Navigation, Launching, LED, Keyguard and Much More. Butler contains 7 sets of utilities yet costs less than most single applications. (see our Butler review)
  2. Ringo Pro MP3 Ringtone Player: Ringo Pro lets you add the magic of MP3 ringtones to every call – bringing your smartphone to life, every time it rings! Use your favourite music, or explore the world of "real tones" to add some great new call effects to your phone. (see our Ringo Pro review)
    Ringo Pro MP3 Ringtone Player for Treo
  3. VolumeCare Pro: VolumeCare increases the maximum volume levels for each Treo speaker. Studies have proven volume increases up to a 250% in handset volume, speaker phone volume and wired headset volume. VolumeCare will also allow you to adjust your voice volume (aka microphone) so others will hear you *loud* and clear. (see our VolumeCare review)
    VolumeCare Pro for Treo
  4. CallRec: CallRec is the premier voice recording application for Treo and Palm Centro smartphones. This simple-to-use application allows you to record your telephone conversation and voice memos with ease by simply pressing the Treo side key. Or, you can set option to automatically record all your phone calls.
    CallRec for Palm OS
  5. CorePlayer Mobile for PalmOS: CorePlayer Mobile is at the center of the CoreCodec Universe for playing multimedia on your mobile phone, portable media players, PDA, GPS or convergence device. CorePlayer is truly the next-generation in multimedia playback. Its simple yet powerful interface and advanced features is designed to empower the CoreCodec community.
    CorePlayer for Palm OS
  6. Phone Technician: Powerful Phone Tool for the Treo smartphones! Sound Booster, Funky Ringer – Ringtones from Mp3, Wav, etc. Save Battery -Turn off the screen during calls. Radio control – set radio on & off times.
    PhoneTechnician for Treo
  7. UltimatePhone: Features a one of kind Phone application, it provides a gateway to web 2.0 and takes the features you are used to and makes them better and more exciting to use.
    UltimatePhone for Treo
  8. Power Hero: Power Hero helps you to get the best out of your Battery! Instantly see the status of the power-using features of your device.
    # Instantly turn features on and off (like Bluetooth, Network, Phone, Infrared).
  9. Reset Doctor: It contains tools to help you reduce crashes and helps you track down what applications are causing problems.
    ResetDoctor for Treo
  10. Softick Audio Gateway: The first Bluetooth audio streaming solution for Palm OS handhelds
    which allows to connect Palm OS handheld to the Bluetooth stereo headphones and listen to digital audio played by Palm OS applications: MP3 players, audio book readers, games.
    Softick Audio Gateway

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The Missing Sync for Palm OS Now Leopard Compatible

Mark/Space has announced the release of a Leopard-compatible update for The Missing Sync for Palm OS, version 6.0.2.

Version 6.0.2 includes updates that improve the functionality of The Missing Sync for Palm OS when used with Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard. And, whether you are using Leopard or Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, version 6.0.2 also provides a number contact and calendar synchronization enhancements and support for the Palm Centro.

All Leopard-compatible Missing Sync updates are available as free downloads for customers of most current versions. Upgrades from previous versions and other qualifying Mark/Space products are $24.95. To get an update, either select the Check for Update command from the Missing Sync menu in the application or visit Mark/Space, where you will also find links to release notes and Leopard usage known issues.

New Palm GPS Navigator To Feature Garmin Mobile XT Software

For Palm Treo and Centro smartphone users and GPS enthusiasts in the United States and Canada, Palm, Inc. and Garmin International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd. , today announced a Palm GPS Navigator featuring Garmin Mobile XT software for the first time.

Drivers using the new GPS Navigator with their Palm smartphones can rely on turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions to easily find their destinations as well as millions of points of interest, updated traffic, fuel prices, hotel prices and weather forecasts. Expected late November, the Palm GPS Navigator featuring Garmin software will be $249 USD.

The Palm GPS Navigator with Garmin Mobile XT Software is expected to attract new users to the mobile-phone GPS market. According to a report by Canalys, the mobile navigation space has maintained a frenetic pace during the last 12 months, with some vendors seeing year-on-year doubling of shipments or better.

Garmin Mobile XT is preloaded on a microSD card (with miniSD and standard SD card adapters) that includes Garmin navigation software for the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Customers can easily route to a specific street address or choose from more than 6 million points of interest – such as restaurants, hotels, ATMs, and gas stations. In addition to turn-by-turn, voice-prompted directions, users also will see their exact position on a detailed moving map. If a turn is missed along the way, a new route will be recalculated automatically. Garmin’s map data is provided by NAVTEQ – a world leader in quality mapping.

"With Garmin’s high-powered software, Palm smartphone users will have GPS capabilities while on the go," said Ed Tse, accessory solutions product manager at Palm, Inc. "Palm’s legendary touch screen and full QWERTY keyboard allow for quick input and inquiry."

"Garmin is pleased to provide a navigation solution so Palm users can transform their favorite Palm Treo or Centro smartphone into a full-featured Garmin GPS navigator," said Charles Morse, director of mobile and PND marketing at Garmin. "Garmin Mobile XT is easy to use, has no monthly charges, and will help ensure that Palm users never get lost again."

In addition to navigation, Garmin Mobile XT includes free access to Garmin Online so that customers have useful, updated information at their fingertips, such as traffic, fuel prices, hotel prices and weather forecasts. The traffic service from identifies accidents, road construction or other incidents affecting traffic, and routes users around the congestion. The fuel-price feature displays a filling station’s name, fuel price, type of fuel and distance to the station (U.S. only).

Pricing and Availability

The Palm GPS Navigator featuring Garmin Mobile XT software will be available in late November for $249 USD in the United States and Canada.

Palm European Site Teaser Points To New Smartphone

A new teaser page on Palm’s European site points to a September 12th announcement of a new Palm smartphone.

The site reads, “The new Palm smartphone. The word is, its great for email, mobile internet, instant messaging, text and – with a full keyboard – saying what you really mean.

No official word from Palm on the US release. This doesn’t appear to be a Treo smartphone release,
so it appears the European launch of the Palm Centro smartphone could precede the US release which is expected
in October on Sprint Wireless.

Source: PalmInfoCenter

Palm Treo Film Festival

Palm has announced the Treo Film Festival, a competition to celebrate the emerging art of made-for-mobile films. The Treo Mobile Comedy Film Festival offers prizes up to $5000 and an opportunity to attend the LA ceremony.

Treo Film Festival

Films may be shot and edited using any traditional or non-traditional filmmaking method. The comedy shorts should be one minute in length and "made for mobile". The Treo Film Festival will be shown September 18th through October 18th, only on MobiTV. Winners will be announced at a gala event on October 18th. More information is available at

Palm Delays Linux Treo Release Until 2008

Palm confirmed they will not be shipping a Linux-based Treo smartphone until
next year sometime. Earlier this year, CEO Ed Colligan announced that Palm Treo
smartphones running the Linux OS would be released by the end of 2007.

"We will deliver some new smartphone products through the rest of this calendar year on Windows Mobile and Palm OS," he said. "Products based on the new Linux platform will not [arrive] until some time next year."

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New Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition Uses Treo Smartphones and TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 Software

For Palm Treo smartphone users and GPS enthusiasts, Palm Inc. today announced the Palm GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition, featuring new TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software.

Drivers using the new GPS Navigator with their Treo smartphones can rely on voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions to easily find their destinations as well as millions of points of interest, including gas stations, restaurants, parks, airports and more. TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 is available today exclusively for Palm’s GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition.

Palm’s new Bluetooth enabled SiRFstarIII GPS receiver, which features a sleek design and easier-to-see LED lights, seamlessly pairs with Palm Treo 650, Treo 700w and Treo 700p smartphones. The product is simple to set up, thanks to a 1GB memory card preloaded with maps. Travelers simply pop the memory card into their Treo smartphone and pair the GPS receiver to access highway and street-level maps covering the United States and Canada. No desktop syncing or downloading of maps is required. Using the smartphone’s high-resolution screen, TomTom’s NAVIGATOR 6 software automatically shows the receiver’s (and hence, the car’s) current location.

“Smartphones are expanding the market for mobile navigation,” said Jim Schwabe, general manager of accessories for Palm, Inc. “The beauty is that this powerful GPS solution is always readily available because it’s part of something people are carrying anyway their Treo smartphone.”

“The convergence of portable navigation devices is growing in the United States,” said Jocelyn Vigreux, president of TomTom. “Palm’s bundle offering with TomTom’s new NAVIGATOR 6 software reflects our joint efforts to continue providing customers with essential smartphone solutions. The Treo smartphone series provides an ideal platform for portable navigation.”

TomTom is the leading provider of personal navigation products and services. TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software offers coast-to-coast and cross-border navigation, as well as new and enhanced options. New features include trip planning based on preferred arrival time, speed-limit information and integrated navigation to the smartphone’s contact list.

At $299 (estimated U.S. street price), Palm’s GPS Navigator Smartphone Edition includes a Bluetooth enabled SiRFstarIII GPS receiver, TomTom NAVIGATOR 6 software featuring the latest Tele Atlas(R) maps, a 1GB memory card with preloaded maps of the continental United States and Canada, a vehicle device cradle with windshield mount and a charging system.