Palm Product Manager Talks Pre Accessories

Palm has updated their blog today with a profile on Adam Kaufman, Product Manager for Palm Pre accessories including the new Touchstone inductive dock. You’ll be surprised to find out that electric toothbrushes were the inspiration behind the new dock. It seems there are no metal contacts on the bottom of electric toothbrushes, yet they charge without a problem. To coin a phrase from Cupertino, this is a perfect example of a company thinking differently about their products. "If you can do that with a toothbrush, why not a phone".

The Palm Touchstone will be a must have Pre accessory. Not only for the cool factor, but for it’s ease of use.  It should be interesting to see what other Pre accessories Palm has in store for us? What Pre accessories would you like to see developed? Let us know in the comments or in our Palm Pre Accessory forum.