Verizon Makes HP Pre 2 Official, Priced at $149.99 After Rebate

We all knew it was coming, but Verizon today dropped the press release for the HP Pre 2, which features webOS 2.0. Full presser and specs available after the break. The HP Pre 2 is priced at $149.99 (after a $50 mail-in rebate) and a new 2-year agreement. It is available starting on February 17th. We have to say the price is a bit surprising. Both the Verizon iPhone and the HP Pre 2 will carry a $199.99 in-store price tag before rebates. This could spell tough sledding for the Pre 2.

HP Pre 2
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HP TouchPad Priced at $699, Coming In June?

BGR is reported that his sources say the HP TouchPad will launch as early as June with a $699 price tag. It’s not clear if this is a 3G model and whether it is the 16GB or 32GB model.

HP TouchPad

The 16GB WiFi iPad retails for $499, while the Motorola XOOM is rumored to be priced at $799. Details regarding the XOOM are also still vague.

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Bell Eliminates 1, 2 year contracts on Palm Pre

Outside of Verizon Wireless, Bell in Canada is another carrier that seems to have consistent changes in pricing on the Palm Pre. With the Palm Pre already being available for $0.00, the wireless provider has now removed 1 and 2 year contract options. That leaves customers with the option of a getting the Palm Pre for free with a 3-year contract or buying it contract free for $295. The latter seems like a better option, but we’re thinking most consumers shop device price as the key purchasing factor as opposed to the price of the contract. Either way, Bell has great options for our neighbors up north.


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Palm Pre Plus Price Drop To $99.99, Palm Pixi Plus Goes Free

Verizon has been very aggressive with their BOGO plans, but that’s not so great for those looking for just one phone (and one 2-year contract). It appears we’ve got our first price drop on the Verizon Palm Pre Plus, available now through Best Buy for $99.99. The Palm Pixi Plus has also seen a major price drop and is available for the price of free.


As with all Best Buy deals, you won’t have to deal with any pesky mail-in rebates. Sound good? We thought so.

Palm Pre Available for $79.99, No Rebate Required

Just a few days ago, we noted how Amazon was selling the Palm Pre for $99.99. That’s a savings of $50 from Sprint, Best and The Shack. A company called CellularDeals has dropped the priced even lower, offering the Palm Pre for $79.99. We have no experience with this company, but the price does not require any sort of mail-in rebates, so it appears to be a good deal for those looking to grab the Palm Pre at a great price.


With the price of the Palm Pre dropping below the $99.99 (after mail-in rebates) price associated with the upcoming Palm Pixi, how will that affect sales of both devices. Is the candy bar form factor enough to sway customers away from the better equipped Palm Pre? If you were given the choice today, what device would you select? The Palm Pre at $79 or the Palm Pixi for $99? Let us know in the comments.

Palm Pixi on Sprint Available on November 15th

Palm has announced that the Palm Pixi will be available on Sprint Wireless on November 15th. The diminutive Palm Pixi will be priced at $99.99 (with a 2-year agreement, after rebates). The Palm Pixi will be available at Sprint stores, Best Buy and select Walmart, Radio Shack (The Shack) locations.


For more information, check out our Palm Pixi preview.

Palm Pre Free in UK with contract

The past week or so we’ve seen Amazon offer the Palm Pre at $99 and Walmart get into cost cutting action at $79.99 promotional price (after a $100 rebate). In Canada, Best Buy dropped the price to $149.99. Those across the pond will get a better deal than all of these. O2, the exclusive carrier of the Palm Pre in Europe, will offer the Pre for free with a two-year contract starting on October 16th.


O2 currently offers the iPhone 3GS for free, so it only makes sense to offer this subsidy out of the gate to keep the Pre competitive. In Germany, customers will pay $73, which is still less than the current US price.

[via Information Week]

Palm Cuts Price on Pre

After the on again, off again Sprint $100 credit offer yesterday, we’re pleased to provide you with word from Palm that the Palm Pre is now available for $149.99 (with a 2-year agreement after mail-in rebate).  Those looking to purchase the Palm Pre will now save $50 from the launch price.


This offer is available nationwide at Sprint retail locations, telesales and Sprint’s website. Of course, now you have to ask the question. Do you get the Palm Pre or wait for the Palm Pixi?


Palm Pre Price Rumored To Be $150

Today has been marked with rumored release dates for the Palm Pre that include February, March, May and June. People are excited for the Pre, but clearly you cannot trust any of the these dates. Another big question is the price of the Palm Pre. According to CNET, a Sprint customer service representative was quoted as saying the MSRP would be $549, but the price would be $150 after rebate with a 2-year contract. For now, we’re classifying this information as rumor or simply a misinformed customer service rep. Once we get concrete official information, we’ll of course pass it along.

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