Amazon Drops Price on AT&T Palm Pre Plus To A Penny

If you’ve been sitting on the sideline waiting for a price drop on the AT&T Palm Pre (see our review), your patience has been rewarded with a new deal available at Amazon. The Palm Pre Plus is available for a penny. This does require you either sign up for a new contract. If you are upgrading, the price jumps to a wallet-friendly $49.99. The Palm Pre Plus comes with free shipping and no activation fee. Unlike the iPhone 4, Amazon has plenty in stock, but we bet they’ll sell faster at this new rock bottom price.


via PreCentral

Palm Pre Plus on AT&T Launches May 16th

After much speculation and a rather long way since the announcement, we’ve got May 16th as an official release date for the Palm Pre Plus. The news comes via an internal equipment brief sent to Engadget. Where not sure if it’s on a separate slide, but there is no mention of the Palm Pixi Plus.


Also missing is the price of the Palm Pre Plus on AT&T. Our recent poll suggests the Palm Pre Plus should be priced at $49.99, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see a higher number initially. This will be the first time Palm will go head to head on a carrier against the iPhone. The iPhone 3GS is priced at $199.99 and the very capable iPhone 3G clocks in at $99.


What would you price the AT&T Palm Pre Plus?

For those who call AT&T their carrier of choice, it’s felt like an enternity since Palm made the AT&T Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus official. In that time, plenty has happened, including some significant price drops at Verizon who now sells the Palm Pre Plus for $29.99 with a contract. With a new iPhone on the horizon at AT&T, Verizon getting the next generation Droid Incredible and Sprint ready to break the 4G barrier with the HTC EVO 4G, the market is getting crowded. We know the AT&T Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are coming soon, so we ask you, what would you price the AT&T Palm Pre Plus?


Note: We didn’t include ‘free after rebate’, since you have to reserve a lower price point for the Palm Pixi Plus.

Sprint Introduces Any Mobile, Anytime

Sprint yesterday introduced a new addition to customers who have an Everything Data Plan, likely most, if not all Palm Pre owners. Regardless of what everything plan you have, you also receive free unlimited mobile to mobile calling. We’re not just talking Sprint mobile to Sprint mobile. The new and we should note free add-on to everything plans allows Sprint customers to call any mobile, any carrier and not have it count against your bucket of minutes.


For example, let’s say you have a 450 minute everything plan, priced at $69.99. Any calls made to mobile phone (within the US) do not count towards your bucket of minutes. Think of your minutes as “landline minutes”.

This new add-on further encourages Palm Pre and soon-to-be Palm Pixi owners to take advantage of all the features of their phone and not be as concerned about overage charges.

Sprint has taken an already competitive plan and added to it….at no charge.