Quake Next 3D Shooter Ported to Palm Pre

Just a few days ago, webOS Internals delivered a port of DOOM for the Palm Pre, utilizing the SDL library found in webOS 1.3.5. Next up in the round of 3D shooters utilizing the SDL library is Quake. The developer still has some work to do before it’s released, but as you can see from the video below, it’s pretty impressive.

Right now, it’s unclear if Palm’s SDK allows for accessing the SDL? Will these apps and others like it find their way into the Palm App Catalog. It’s great to see all these great things happening in webOS development, but this is the type of development that needs official support. It doesn’t make much sense to have your best, most capable apps not available in your official App Catalog. Let’s hope CES brings news of a whole new breadth of graphically rich apps in the App Catalog.

[via PalmInfoCenter]