First HP TouchPad Review Hits, In Canada

Just days before the July 1st release date, plenty of you are no doubt waiting to see the steady stream of HP TouchPad reviews. The first HP TouchPad review comes from north of the border courtesy of They concluded:

HP’s TouchPad offers a great user experience on hardware that’s top of the line. It makes an appealing tablet choice to those who want to work it into their workflow. But the drawback of a more limited app selection and lack of a rear-facing camera will see some consumers passing on it for the iPad 2.

You can read their full review here. Overall, they seem impressed with the TouchPad.

HP Veer 4G Review

Enter any wireless carrier retail storefront and you’ll see a wall filled with smartphones, most of which are touting big, bright displays. Enter the first HP branded webOS phone, the HP Veer 4G. It’s the anthesis of what we are seeing from the likes of Samsung, HTC and Apple. It’s the anti-smartphone, smartphone. All the capabilities of a smartphone, wrapped in a tiny package.

HP Veer 4G Review

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App Review: webOS Weather Apps

Weather. That ever changing thing that we just can’t help but check up on, whether it be on the web, our phones or indeed just old school looking out of the window. Of course, we’re talking mobile here, and webOS has a plethora of weather apps available and I thought I’d run through each weather app I have on my phone, in a sort of combined overview of their feature and give you some pros/cons and which I like the most. So on with the show…

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App Review: Spell Well

If you’re looking for a great little time waster game, but something that can keep your brain working then you should check out Spell Well by Visc, Inc. In this simple game, you have to guess the correct spelling of a word out of a selection of four, with each level consisting of five sets of words. If you choose the wrong spelling of the word you’ll lose a chunk of time and have to start again at the beginning of the set of five. You also have a timer for each level, so the quicker you do it in, the greater your score. Obviously the higher the levels go, the harder the words get, and the more trickier the options are to choose from.  I personally just found it quite an interesting little game, and even though I thought I’m pretty hot on spelling, it caught me out on a good few occasions and made me realise how much I probably rely on spell check these days.

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MunduIM for webOS Review

So here we have it, the long awaited all-in-one, instant messaging app for webOS – MunduIM by Geodesic Ltd. It was just released to the App Catalog this morning, which was I’m sure a welcome sight for a lot of people. Particularly those that are waiting for the very first webOS app that supports Facebook chat. But how does it fair? And with no trial or lite version, is it worth the pennies? Well read on…we shall poke a little deeper and find out.

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AT&T Palm Pre Plus Review

The Palm Pre Plus on AT&T represents the first GSM webOS device to be available in the US. Outside of the SIM card, the Palm Pre Plus looks identical to the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. More significantly for Palm, that makes webOS devices available on all major US carriers (save for T-Mobile) which includes Verizon, Sprint and now AT&T.


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Review: Smartphone Experts Snap On Case for Palm Pre

Due to the sliding nature of the keyboard, the Smartphone Experts Snap On Case for Palm Pre comes in two pieces that snap into place on the Pre. It’s constructed of hard plastic and it’s relatively sturdy. The two pieces, while bendable, seem as though they would be difficult to snap in two. This is important should you drop your Pre, I don’t get the feeling this particular case would shatter into pieces.


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Palm Pixi Review

The Palm Pixi represents the second webOS device from Palm and what many proclaim as the successor to the companies Centro line of smartphones. It’s geared for young professionals who are shopping for their first smartphone or perhaps looking for a phone that won’t break the bank. Given it’s aging OS, the Centro was surprisingly popular. To Palm’s credit, the Centro was more capable than a feature phone, came in a variety of fun colors and was priced right. For smartphone buyers shopping the sub-$100 market, it’s gotten crowded with the iPhone 3G, Droid Eris and an assortment of BlackBerry devices. In addition, Palm’s flagship webOS powered Palm Pre can be had for $99 at Amazon. Unlike the Centro before it, the Palm Pixi enters a crowded field.


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HD Video: Palm Pixi Unboxed, Previewed

The Palm Pixi just hit our doorstep today, so we present to you our requisite Palm Pixi unboxing. For your viewing pleasure, a quick tour around the Palm Pixi  and some comparisons with the Palm Pre. If you have any specific Palm Pixi questions, feel free to hit us up in the forums. Stay tuned for our complete review.

Editor’s note: If you click through to YouTube, this can be viewed in HD.

[You Tube link – Palm Pix Unboxed, Previewed]

Palm Pixi Gets Reviewed

The first Palm Pixi review has surfaced today over at PhoneArena. Their review unit is running webOS 1.3.1, which apparently does not ship with the device, but is available as a software update. Palm Pre owners will see 1.3.1, but the update is not currently available.


Interesting that iTunes does not work with webOS 1.3.1 on the Pixi. Other highlights from PhoneArena:

Camera: The results were pretty poor: color saturation was too exaggerated, details were extremely blurry and the camera was only usable in good lighting conditions, despite the LED flash.  Pre was by no means a standout, but it was acceptable.  Pixi’s camera is a disappointment.  Video capture is still not available.

Facebook: When the Palm Pixi was announced it mentioned a native Facebook client, but thus far there is none.  Included software is identical and includes Sprint apps like Navigation, NFL and NASCAR clients, as well as Office and PDF readers.

Overall: The Pixi is a great compliment to the Pre and a worthy second entry into the webOS lineup.  Its size and feel is just wonderful and we think that many people would pick the Palm Pixi over the Pre because of this, even at the same price.

If you are considering the Palm Pixi, we’d encourage you to check out their full review.