HP TouchPad Review

Roughly a year after HP purchased Palm, they have descended upon the tablet wars with the release of the HP TouchPad. Offered in both 16GB and 32GB configurations, the HP Touch in its current iteration is WiFi only. HP has just recently announced a 4G TouchPad that will also come with 32GB of storage and will also see its processor bumped to 1.5Ghz. At the core of this product is HP webOS, software that relies heavily on gestures and swipes, which makes it a natural fit as a tablet operating system. Read on for our HP TouchPad review.

HP TouchPad Review

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App Review: webOS Weather Apps

Weather. That ever changing thing that we just can’t help but check up on, whether it be on the web, our phones or indeed just old school looking out of the window. Of course, we’re talking mobile here, and webOS has a plethora of weather apps available and I thought I’d run through each weather app I have on my phone, in a sort of combined overview of their feature and give you some pros/cons and which I like the most. So on with the show…

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App Review: Spell Well

If you’re looking for a great little time waster game, but something that can keep your brain working then you should check out Spell Well by Visc, Inc. In this simple game, you have to guess the correct spelling of a word out of a selection of four, with each level consisting of five sets of words. If you choose the wrong spelling of the word you’ll lose a chunk of time and have to start again at the beginning of the set of five. You also have a timer for each level, so the quicker you do it in, the greater your score. Obviously the higher the levels go, the harder the words get, and the more trickier the options are to choose from.  I personally just found it quite an interesting little game, and even though I thought I’m pretty hot on spelling, it caught me out on a good few occasions and made me realise how much I probably rely on spell check these days.

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Review Roundup: Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus

The embargo on reviews for the upcoming Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus ended last night with a stream of reviews hitting the Interwebs. So what did sites that received the Palm Pre Plus have to say about the latest webOS device?


Overally, it appears the Palm Pre Plus is modest update from the previous Palm Pre (see our review). The bump up for 256MB of RAM to 512MB of RAM is helpful when you open a significant amount of cards (running applications). Other highlights include the removal of the home button and improvements to the keyboard. Similar findings to what we noticed at Palm’s Lounge in Vegas. Here’s what folks are saying about the new Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus:

Dieter Bohn from Precentral concludes:

The Palm Pre Plus upgrades the Palm Pre in almost all the right places and has a bright future with new features coming via software updates. It’s a cliché to say this, but: the Palm Pre Plus is the best phone Palm has ever made. That’s exactly how it should be and it’s gratifying that we can expect this kind of quality from Palm now. Let’s just hope that it’s enough to keep them in the smartphone game for years to come.

Joshua Topolsky of Engadget writes:

If you’re a Verizon customer, you can get the excellent Droid, or wait for the forthcoming Nexus One, to say nothing of the BlackBerry offerings on the network (if that’s your cup of tea). If you’re carrier independent, then your choice is even harder — T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T offer a stack of seriously great phones that would make even the pickiest geek happy. So why choose the Pre Plus on Verizon? To answer that question, you have to figure out if you believe in the potential of webOS devices; Palm doesn’t have the fastest phone, or the phone with the highest resolution, certainly not the biggest app selection, and it doesn’t have a massive community behind it. What it does have, however, is a brilliant platform with huge potential to change the way you work and live with your phone (provided they tap that potential soon… as in now). If you’re as hopeful as we are that that potential will be fulfilled, your decision should be a simple one.

Jason Chen from Gizmodo says:

Sprint customers: If you’re worried that you bought a first gen Palm Pre only to watch helplessly as Palm released a better Pre on Verizon, stop. The Palm Pre Plus is essentially the same phone as the Palm Pre.

Sure, there are minor hardware differences—most notably the doubling of the RAM and the storage space—but it essentially feels like the same phone.

Sasha Segan from PC Magazine writes:

With two Droids, two Palms, and all the Blackberrys they can eat, Verizon subscribers can’t whine about their smartphone choices any more. The Palm Pre doesn’t “kill” the Motorola Droid. It presents a cuddlier alternate reality, where color and feel win out over widgets and apps. If you’re into messaging and Web browsing on Verizon, and it seems like the Droid is a little too geeky for you, it’s time to retire that old BlackBerry Pearl and move on up to a Palm Pre Plus.

Are you planning on picking up a Verizon Palm Pre Plus or a Palm Pixi? Let us know in the comments.

GSM Palm Pre Gets Reviewed

We’re just a few weeks away from the O2 launch in Europe and the first reviews are starting to trickle in. For those in the US, the GSM Palm Pre is virtually identical to the CDMA counterpart available on Sprint, albeit the GSM models have a SIM card slot. The GSM version will also run an older version of webOS, but Palm expects to bring parity to all models later this year.


The guys at Slashgear have put together a rather comprehensive review.

There’s plenty to like about the Palm Pre. It’s a compact, attractive handset that doesn’t allow its relatively small display to get in the way of intuitive gestures and a visually-rich UI.”

Like so many, they are excited about webOS, but do question the limited storage and suggest users test drive the keyboard to determine “how well it suites their finger size”.

Times Online’s review reads more like a comparison of the Palm Pre vs the iPhone. In fact, the reviewer concludes his review stating he’ll be “hanging on to his iPhone”.

“This is the real deal, a worthy competitor for the iPhone. Beautiful, easy to use, yet able to do complex tasks, without mimicking Apple.”

The sticking point(s) for the author seems to be the storage size of the Pre and the lack of a huge App Store.

“But if you want to carry thousands of songs on your phone, the iPhone remains the better choice.”

“Its big failing is the lack of a huge “app” store.”

Apple took over a year to introduce their App Store. While Palm has been slow to add applications, the company is clearly taking steps to make it easier for developers to bring apps to the Pre. The expansion of Pre owners that will naturally occur with the release on O2 and Telefonica will certainly add to the growing list of reasons why developers will choose to create applications for webOS.

For those in the US, the GSM Palm Pre is locked to their respective carriers. We’ll have to wait for a GSM model to land in the US. Anyone looking for an AT&T model? If so, can we give it the much needed boost to 16GB?

Review: Seidio InnoCase Surface for Palm Pre

Now that the Palm Pre has been out for a few months, more and more cases are becoming available for the device. The slider form factor represents a challenge not only for case manufacturers, but for Palm Pre owners looking to protect their phone. The folks at Seidio took on the challenge with their InnoCase Surface for Palm Pre.


The InnoCase from Seidio doesn’t ship with any fancy packaging, outside an insert with directions on how to install the InnoCase Surface on the Palm Pre. Truth be told, I rarely if ever read directions first, especially when dealing with a case. However, for the purpose of this review, I glanced over the directions after using the InnoCase for some time. What I thought was simply package filler, was what Seidio terms a “spacer”. I don’t see the need for a spacer, but this is more than likely a scratch preventer. With the “spacer” in place, you should note that the Seidio InnoCase will not work with the Touchstone charger.


Installation is easy enough. Slide open the Palm Pre and the pieces will snap into place.   All major ports are accessible with the case installed. If you’ll note the sides of the case, it almost appears as if they should attach. Of course, reality sets in that if they attached, you wouldn’t be able to open your phone. Still, it does make the case appear as if it doesn’t fit correctly.


In actuality, I was very pleased with the fit of the InnoCase Surface. There aren’t any noticeable gaps between the screen the Pre itself. Additionally, the InnoCase felt secure on the Pre, with no wiggle at all. I tend to open the slider by pressing on the side of the screen and other thumb on the bottom left by the microphone. Both are pressing on the case. I didn’t experience any issues with the case becoming loose or detaching. From the point it was snapped on, the InnoCase Surface stayed in place.


This particular case comes in a variety of colors. You’ll notice Blue was used for this review. The case does not add much bulk to the Pre and definitely nothing that most would notice. The slim form factor is retained and you have the added comfort of protecting your Palm Pre. The case doesn’t include any sort of protection for the screen, something that I would recommend if moving from a case that doesn’t protect the screen.


The case has a rubberized finish that feels good in the hand. Definitely easier to get a grip on the Palm Pre with the InnoCase Surface. While I didn’t deliberately attempt to scratch the case, I would guess that it’s not very susceptible to scratches due to the rubberized nature of the material used. That being said, put this in a pocket with keys and you’re not going to be happy with the end result. The company has the logo embossed on the back, which is acceptable. The product code seems to take away from the look of the case and seems unnecessary. Couldn’t they have put this on the interior of the case?

This case comes with options. Seidio offers a holster that is sized for the Palm Pre with the InnoCase Surface. As I noted before, the case isn’t very thick, but the manufacturer’s holster accommodates for the case. While the two part equation is great for business professionals who want quick access, while protecting their investment, it would make sense to offer up a screen protector.

  • Great fit
  • Rubberized finish makes for easier grip
  • Access to all ports
  • Works with Touchstone (without spacer)
  • Variety of colors
  • Doesn’t add to bulk, at all
  • Offers option to get holster that fits case


  • Priced higher than we’d like
  • Despite great fit, the nature of the slider makes the gap on the side look as if the case doesn’t fit properly
  • With the spacer, the case will not work with the Touchstone. Concerns that without the spacer, you could possibly get scratches on back cover
  • No screen protection

Conclusion: The Seidio InnoCase is a solid option for those looking for a form fitting case that offers protection against scratches while retaining the thin design and good looks of the Palm Pre. The Seidio InnoCase retails for $29.95 and is available at the Everything Pre Store.


Palm Touchstone Accessory Winners

A few months back, we asked our readers to submit their Palm Pre Reviews and did they ever. We received almost 100 reviews  and our readers did a fantastic job offering up their opinions and rating of the Palm Pre. The sheer volume of reviews did take us by surprise, so our apologies for the late announcement as to the winners. Thank you to everyone who participated and made our Palm Pre Review section the single best resource for consumers looking for honest, thoughtful reviews of the Palm Pre.

Palm Touchstone

Congratulations to dlunceford and Linh who stood out amongst the crowd. Both have won a Palm Touchstone charging kit!