New Apps Available in Palm App Catalog, Survivors Ready Edition

Palm today offered up a number of new applications in the Palm App Catalog. Seems to be a regular occurrence and a welcome one. Once paid apps are introduced (possibly next week), we’re thinking that the adding of new apps will happen with such regularity that it won’t even be newsworthy. For now, fire up the App Catalog and you’ll see a number of new applications including one for Survivor Samoa, which airs tonight.


The new apps include:

  • Survivor Samoa
  • P2GoogleVoice
  • Ditto
  • DeadMan
  • Dot Game
  • Chess for webOS
  • Reversi
  • PicHunt – Space Explorer
  • PicHunt – Pets
  • PicHunt – Vintage
  • P2Snippets
  • MediPDA
  • Send My Location for webOS
  • TipCalc
  • Hebrew Calendar Trial Version

Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments or in our Palm Pre forums.