Staples 20% Off Coupon Drops TouchPad to $320

A new Staples coupon (download here), offers 20% off any one single item. There are a few exclusions, but the HP TouchPad is not one of them. Prior to the $100 off HP TouchPad coupon, Staples appeared to have limited stock of the 16GB model. Sorry, it appears that tablets are excluded. False alarm.

The new list price for the HP TouchPad is $399 for the 16GB model, so this coupon drops you down to $320. That’s the best price we’ve seen, if you can find one in stock. Other options include taking this coupon to a competitor like OfficeMax or Office Depot.


Did you miss the original deal? Are you jumping back in at $320 or waiting for the price to go lower?

Source: Slickdeals

webOS Tablet To Be Named TouchPad

According to our friends PreCentral, the name of the new webOS tablet will be the TouchPad. Arriving at the event early, they were able to listen in on a rehearsal of today’s upcoming event. The specifications for the TouchPad are exact to the first generation iPad. It will be 1.5 pounds and 13mm in thickness.

Will Apple think this name is too similar to the iPad? Remember, this is a company that went after the city of New York and went to trial over the usage of the term ‘pod’.

HP Files For Three Trademarks: Duopad, Touchslate, Touchcanvas

HP recently filed for a trademark for HP Touchpad, leading to speculation that the upcoming line of webOS tablets would follow that naming convention. Now it seems there are three new filings that are likely related to the webOS tablets. HP has filed for Duopad, Touchslate and Touchcanvas. While there have been a few leaks regarding possible specs of the tablets, it’s still not clear what HP will call the new line of tablets.

Touchpad, Touchcanvas, Duopad

Will PalmPad make a resurgence or will one of the newer filings be used? We’ll find out on February 9th. Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Pocketnow, Precentral via Engadget