More Sprint Treo 800w Photos Leak Coupled With July 13th Release Date

More photos of the upcoming Palm Treo 800w have found their way to the web. The latest images feature the Sprint logo, so do not expect the production model to differ much from these photos. Coupled with these photos is a rumored July 13th release date.

Sprint Treo 800w
Sprint Treo 800w


Originally rumored for July 22nd release, it now appears the Treo 800w will release on July 13th at $249.99. This price is with rebate and of course the standard two year agreement.

Treo 800w Specs

The following are the latest specifications we know of for the Treo 800w.

  • MSM-6800 chipset
  • ~100mb of Program / ~170mb of Storage Memory (both after OS)
  • WM 6.1 (5.2.1944)
  • ARM1136 processor
  • WiFi
  • Soft touch paint
  • Dedicated Wifi button + Ringer switch on top
  • Micro-USB connector
  • 2.1mp camera
  • No headphone jack (uses microUSB to 3.5mm adapter)
  • 1150mah battery
  • 320×320
  • GPS (network independent)
  • Palm Threaded SMS

The Palm Treo 800w will release on Verizon Wireless later this year.

Source: WMExperts

Palm Improving Market Share On Strong Centro Sales

According to research firm IDC, Palm has increased their market share from 7.9% in Q4 07′ to 13.4% in Q1 08′ on strong sales of the Palm Centro.

The success of the Palm Centro and it’s attractive $99 price point have helped Palm make tremendous strides from the fourth quarter
of 2007 to Q1 of 2008. The Centro was only available through Sprint at the time, so these numbers could carry through to the next quarter. Clearly, Sprint’s aggressive ad campaign combined with Palm finding a new demographic with the pint-sized Centro have had an immediate impact. More impressive is that Palm saw their numbers rise while Apple saw a decline from 26.7 to 19.2 percent. Massachesetts based research firm IDC released the report today.

Apple is expected to announce a new 3G compatible iPhone in the next week. Rumors are abound that a price point of $199 is possible for either the existing iPhone or the 3G iPhone through an AT&T subsidy. Palm is expected to release the Centro on Verizon Wireless this month. The company will certainly see a boost with the forthcoming Treo 800w and Treo 850 models due out in the coming months. This will be followed by new Palm devices slated for 2009 that will run Palm’s next generation Palm OS 2.0.

Verizon Treo 800w Set For Q3

According to internal Verizon documents acquired by tech blog Engadget, Verizon will release the Palm Treo 800w in the third quarter of this year. Photos and specifications after the break.

Verizon Treo 800w

Verizon Treo 800w Specifications

  • 1xEvDO and Rev-A support
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Professional – We’re guessing 6.1 by the time this releases
  • WiFi
  • BBAC Bluetooth and cable support
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Micro SD
  • 1.3MB camera
  • VZ Navigator (TBD)
  • Support for A2DP or Stereo Bluetooth
Verizon Treo 800w
Internal Verizon slide shows Treo 800w release set for Q3

The specifications appear to be on par with the Sprint release that we expect around July 22nd. It’s not clear what Verizon plans on doing with the GPS, as they seem intent on pushing their VZ Navigator service, which of course means a monthly fee. Hopefully that TBD means customers will have an option of using VZ Navigator or third party software.

via Engadget

More Treo 800w Photos Surface

For a phone that was tightly under wraps for what seems an enternity, more photos have cropped up of the forthcoming Palm Treo 800w. The most intriguing are side images providing a a better idea of how Palm’s new Treo 800w stacks up to the competition.

The photos show the Treo 800w in the middle of the Samsung Upstage and the HTC PPC-6800. The Samsung isn’t even a smartphone, so that’s not exactly a fair fight. Samsung markets this device as part of their "ultra-line". The Mogul or PPC-6800 is offered by Sprint and it boasts a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. While the Treo 800w does look slim next to the PPC-6800, that’s now saying much given the size of the PPC-6800. The true test of the device will be how it stacks up against it’s predecessor, the Treo 750 and other devices that feature both a QWERTY and touchscreen. Unfortunately, media pundits continue to stack the odds against Palm by pitting their devices against non-touchscreen and/or non-QWERTY devices. This trend has continued with the release of these photos. Comparing the Treo 800w to the BlackBerry Bold or even the iPhone is far from a level playing field, making it appear as if Palm is not capable of making a slim form factor. A quick look at Palm’s Treo 500 proves the contrary. The Treo 500, while not available in the US, is the first Palm Treo not to offer a touch screen and the result is a thin form factor.

Treo 500
Treo 500

Here in the US, the market is exploding with touchscreen devices featuring amazing designs from a hardware and software UI (user interface) perspective. Either they offer no touchscreen or no QWERTY keyboard. Packing both into a phone results in a larger form factor. The Palm Treo 800w when it’s released will face unprecedented competition in the smartphone market from soon to be released 3G iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry Bold and the upcoming HTC Touch Diamond. The market is zigging and Palm is zagging. It’s not clear if customers will feed into the “thin is in” or demand a device that features both touch and QWERTY. The Palm Treo 800w release date is rumored to be July 22nd.

Palm Treo 800w
Palm Treo 800w

Source: The Boy Genius Report

Treo 800w Photos

Photos of the much anticipated Palm Treo 800w have found their way to the web.

Treo 800w photo
Picture of the upcoming Treo 800w

Click to enlarge.

With regards to specifications of the Treo 800w, these photos do not offer any new information. In fact, these appear to be early prototypes. Expect the actual shipping version of the Treo 800w to have a little more "flair" than the photos shown here. Leaked photos are typically not a good representation of the final shipping product. It is however a good sign that things are progressing and the rumored release date of July 22nd certainly seems plausible.

Source: Palm InfoCenter via WMExperts

Treo 800w Release Date and Specs

A rumored release date of July 22nd has surfaced for the greatly anticipated Palm Treo 800w along with impressive specifications.

Palm Treo 800w
Rumored photo of upcoming Treo 800w

Treo 800w Specifications

  • Palm Threaded SMS
  • WM 6.1
  • Autonomous GPS
  • 256/128 Memory
  • Official color: Charcoal Black
  • 320×320 resolution
  • EvDO Rev A
  • Wifi

According to the souce of these specs, the Treo 800w is “super fast” and the form factor will be bigger than the Palm Centro, but smaller than the Treo 750. This new Treo will get a high resolution 320×320 screen, WiFi, threaded SMS done by Palm, GPS and support for Sprint’s EvDO Rev A network. All looks good, now let’s hope Palm and Sprint make this official.

Source: WM Experts

Sprint Roadmap Shows July Release for Treo 800w

An allegedly leaked Sprint roadmap that shows the Treo 800w scheduled
for a July release. Normally, we’d chalk this up to some creative Photoshop work, but it has since been removed from the original source on the SprintUsers forum lending to it’s credibility.

During a recent conference call to discuss Palm’s fiscal results, many of the questions were related to the release of the next generation Treo. While confirming that an enterprise, Windows Mobile based Treo is in the works, Palm CEO Ed Colligan would only say, "Those products aren’t coming out this quarter", referring to the companies 3rd fiscal quarter. That quarter ends on June 30th, again making a July release for the Treo 800w to appear more and more likely.

Treo 800w Specifications

The roadmap lists the following as features of the upcoming Treo 800w. No official word from Palm or Sprint, so these could change once the product is officially announced.

  • Replaces 700w
  • WM 6.0
  • EvDO Rev A
  • WiFi
  • Autonomous GPS
  • Camera & Non-camera versions

Many are speculating that Microsoft will announce Windows Mobile 6.1 on April 1st. If true, than it’s certainly likely that Windows Mobile 6.1 will ship on the Treo 800w when it is released.

Source: WMExperts

New Palm Ad Focuses On BlackBerry Woes

Palm is looking to capitalize on RIM’s recent outages with a new online promotion on their site. The ad proudly proclaims, "Palm smartphones include voice, e-mail, text, Web, calendar, and contacts. And most importantly, uptime. Connect to your Microsoft Exchange Server. No third-party servers and no nationwide blackouts."

New Palm ad
Palm ad references BlackBerry outages

Click to enlarge.

RIM has seen critical success with their BlackBerry Curve and BlackBerry 8800 devices, forcing Palm to play catch-up. This may very well change when Palm releases the much anticipated Treo 800w, rumored to introduce a much needed new form factor. No official word yet from Palm on the Treo 800w, though many expect an April timeframe for the release.

Source: PDABlast

Treo 800w Quite the Hype

The Palm community and blogosphere at large is quite enthralled with the upcoming Treo 800w, so much so that a few anonymous forum posts have set off a rash of coverage of the reportedly leaked details. Unlike previous Palm smartphones, there haven’t been any substantiated leaks, outside of slide in Bill Gates CES presentation that showed a glimpse of the new smartphone. The lack of information has created a much needed sense of excitement in the Palm community.

Palm Treo 800w
Photo of new Treo that appeared in Bill Gates’ CES presentation

Click to enlarge.

The new details come courtesy of an anonymous forum user at TreoCentral, aptly named anonuser, who claims to have seen an internal document. While still unconfirmed, the details certainly look promising if they ring true.

  • Treo 800w (from Sprint) will have a mini-USB plug on bottom
  • 800w is as thin as a Centro and feels nice in the hand
  • Will ship with Windows Mobile 6 and be compatible with WinMo 6.1 after an update is released
  • Will be compatible with Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008
  • Classic on/off ringer switch
  • 2.0 megapixel camera
  • Comes standard with an EvDO Rev. A radio
  • Bluetooth 2.0 EDR
  • 802.11g WiFi
  • WiFi on/off button
  • Slated to be released in April of 2008

With CTIA Wireless scheduled for April 1st, it could be a possible platform for Palm to make an official announcement. Stay tuned and of course you can discuss the upcoming Treo 800w in our forums.

Source: WMExperts

Gates Leaks New Treo During CES Keynote

During Bill Gates keynote presentation at CES, a slide appeared that showed a yet-to-be announced Treo, possibly the upcoming Treo 800w or Palm Drucker.

Palm Treo 800w Drucker
New Treo appears in Bill Gates CES Keynote

Photo courtesy of Engadget