GSM Palm Pre 2 Now Available From HP

While we wait for the subsidized Verizon Palm Pre 2, HP has started offering the commitment free unlocked GSM Pre 2 through their online store. It will set you back a hefty $449, but for now that’s the only way you can get webOS 2.0 goodness in the states.

Anyone taking the jump?

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GSM Palm Pre Unlocked with Rebel Simcard

Those looking to unlock the GSM Palm Pre from O2 have a not-so-elegant option in the Rebel Simcard II. The accessory retails for £10.99 / $17.95 and slots between the Pre’s SIM slot and the carrier SIM. The unlock offers full access to voice and 3G data. The GSM Palm Pre does not have the radio to support 3G in the US, but this would with EDGE.

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Palm Releases Unlocked Centro

Palm today announced the release of the Palm Centro in an unlocked version for US customers. The unlocked Palm Centro is white with grey accent keys. The unlocked Centro retails for $299 and will work on any GSM carrier including AT&T and T-Mobile. This brings Centro availability in the US to Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and now an unlocked model.

Unlocked Palm Centro
Unlocked Palm Centro now available at $299

Also available starting tomorrow is Google Maps for mobile with My Location on Centro, giving customers faster access to local maps and driving directions. Google Maps for mobile with My Location will be available free of charge for Palm Centro smartphones at Please check the site for details on the download process and carrier availability.

Palm Centro In Colors

An official Palm online training guide shows the Palm Centro in a variety of colors, many of which have yet to be announced or released.

With the Treo 680, Palm released unlocked versions in a variety of colors, so many are speculating that Palm will do the same with the Centro. Unlocked smartphones allow owners to use their phone on any GSM network worldwide.

The new colors as shown below include glacier white (with grey numeric keys), obsidian black, ruby red and a navy blue variant.

Source: Palm InfoCenter