webOS 1.3.1 Now Available for O2 Customers

Fresh off the US release, Palm has just released webOS 1.3.1 for O2 customers throughout Europe. You know the procedure, hit the ‘Updates’ app on your Pre and start the process of updating. Of course, you could wait for this to happen over the next couple of days, but who wants to wait. The new update provides:

  • support for LinkedIn contacts and Yahoo! calendar and contact information in Palm
  • improvements in e-mail and messaging, such as the ability to forward messages in the Messaging app
  • a new Facebook for Palm app
  • more options for using your Palm Pre in corporate EAS environments.


[via PreThinking]

Palm Releases webOS Doctor 1.3.1

If you ever run into problems with your Palm Pre or Palm Pixi, you can use Palm’s webOS Doctor, which restores your phone’s functionality and updates it to the latest software version. To support the release of webOS 1.3.1, Palm has just released the webOS Doctor 1.3.1.


You can download webOS Doctor 1.3.1 from Palm’s website.

Adobe Flash Player for webOS Coming First Half of 2010

If you happen upon Adobe’s website in search of Flash Player, Adobe is now alerting owners of Palm webOS devices that it is coming in 2010. Adobe had originally promised Flash by the end of this year. They are expected to start beta testing this year.

[via Pre|Central]

iTunes Sync Not Coming Back With webOS Update 1.3.1

We’ve seen leaks from resellers and now the first review of the Palm Pixi has surfaced. From what we’ve heard, the Palm Pixi will not ship with webOS 1.3.1, but the update is available via Updates. Apparently, Palm is able to distinguish the Pixi and push the 1.3.1 update, otherwise Pre owners would be seeing the same update.  For those wondering, PhoneArena confirms that the current webOS 1.3.1 build does not fix media sync with iTunes.


The Palm Pixi will be available for sale in less than 4 days. Is there a last minute fix coming and what about the mysterious Facebook app? Our Horacio Caine CSI Palm Pixi investigation seems to be spot on, with Phone Arena also confirming that no Facebook app to be found on the Palm Pixi. Sure it could surface in the App Catalog this Sunday, but wouldn’t Palm want this on review devices?

Those looking for an alternative to iTunes should check out DoubleTwist and iTunes Sync Agent.

Video: Palm Pixi Running 1.3.1

It appears as if yet another cellphone reseller has gotten their hands on not yet released Palm Pixi and was kind enough to share some video. Yesterday, we had the Palm Pixi unboxing and today we get a tour of webOS 1.3.1.  Anything stand out? Let us know what you think in the comments.

[via PreCentral]

Not So Fast on webOS Speed Fixes

A few days ago we reported on Palm’s acknowledgement of speed issues affecting the UI of webOS and it was suggested that improvements would be forthcoming in “the immediate future”. PalmInfoCenter points us to an update to the post on Ajaxian that pours a bit of cold water on our hopes these speed improvements might be imminent.


Some of the notes have been taken out of context, so we wanted to clarify: We started with a talk on the the future of the mobile Web. This talked about the potential of the Web as the platform for devices, and why we were excited to join Palm… We don’t comment on our specific SDK plans, and while we are personally excited about the Web gaining GPU acceleration via technologies like WebGL and CSS Transforms, and we would like to see webOS gain these capabilities to allow web developers to better leverage our fantastic hardware, we were answering a question about our personal opinion on what we’d like to see happen to the platform. We don’t believe the term “immediate” was even mentioned by us, and we are sorry that people have read too much into this particular topic.

Doesn’t appear that webOS 1.3.1 will feature the speed increase the UI needs and most users want. In lieu of a speed increase, would a native Facebook app suffice?

Palm Offering Early Access to 1.3.1 To Preware?

A few days ago, we mentioned that some developers would be gaining early access to future versions of Palm’s webOS. The idea behind the move was to allow developers an opportunity to update their application to a version compatible with the latest version of webOS. Nothing worse than finding your favorite apps incompatible with a new OS to dampen the excitement of new update. Although nothing official has been announced, our friends at Pre|Central have been talking about a mythical 1.3.1 update. WebOS Internals, developers of the non-sanctioned Preware, has a complete listing of tweaks that are listed as 1.3.1 versions.


Is Palm offering early developer access to Preware to make sure all those precious hacks and tweaks work with the latest webOS update?  If webOS 1.3.1 is a reality, when can we expect this new update? Will it contain a speedier UI that’s been promised.