HP Plans To “Make Things Right”

The exhaustive amount of feedback on blogs, Twitter and Palm’s own Facebook page saw a huge outcry from the webOS community in response to word that legacy devices (those prior to the Pre 2), would not receive an update to webOS 2.x. The Palm blog last night responded to the criticism.

“…ultimately it became clear that we would need to choose between supporting the past with over-the-air updates and ensuring that our upcoming devices would live up to your hopes and expectations for them. It was a difficult and, frankly, painful decision for us, and we realize it was a frustrating outcome for many of you.”

It’s still not clear as to when Palm (branding moves aside, this was a move by Palm) made this tough decision, but clearly the timing was not very well thought out. Yesterday should have been a day of positive vibes for the company, but was tarnished by the news. HP doesn’t have a solution yet to appease the community, but they are working something to ease the pain.

“We’re working on something that we hope will help make things right for you. We’ll be sharing the specifics with you when they’re ready.”

Our hope was that webOS 2.0 would help fix the sluggishness that’s present on current generation Palm webOS devices. It’s not clear if “making things right” will mean a webOS 2.0 doctor that allows us to update or perhaps some sort of voucher to purchase a future product at a reduced price. HP doesn’t have the answer yet, so anything on our end is just pure speculation. If I had to guess, a coupon for AppCatalog purchases might make sense. It would continue to stream cash to developers and customers having more apps would be less likely to flee the platform.

How about you? What are you expecting from HP that will “make things right”?

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No webOS 2.0 OTA Updates for Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi or Pixi Plus Owners

News is breaking that HP will not be releasing any OTA updates to webOS 2.0 for existing devices. So if you’ve purchased an original Palm or even a recent Palm Pre Plus, you will not be receiving an OTA update to webOS 2.0. The only path to that OS is to purchase a new device. What, what, whaaat?

No webOS update

PreCentral’s Dieter Bohn reports that HP intends to launch a website in the coming months that “offers a path to 2.X”. For months, we’ve all been hearing that webOS 2.0 would be available as an OTA download. The reason given has to do with major backend changes required that would have made it increasingly difficult to offer webOS 2.x to previous owners.

And people though we were crazy when we talked about the fragmentation of webOS. This is just all sorts of wrong.

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CES 2011 To Be Quiet for Palm?

Sure, we just wrote about FOX News saying that Palm was prepping a PalmPad tablet that would debut at CES, but how things change in a few hours. That sketch is now being called out as an old HP Slate sketch. For Palm enthusiasts, it’s been a tough year and many had their hopes set for a big event at CES. Two mobile industry stalwarts have thrown a bit of cold water on Palm’s presence at CES in January. Eric Zeman of Phonescooper was advised by Palm PR that this year was going to be quiet for them. Sasha Segan of PCWorld tweeted that “I’m hearing Palm won’t have a big presence at CES, so I can’t see how they’re introducing any “PalmPads” at that show.

In the previous two years, Palm did not have a booth. They did however schedule big events and private rooms accessible by the media. We suspect that they will showcase webOS 2.0 in a private room this year, but it now seems that the big event might have to wait until Mobile World Congress. Could they surprise everyone? Definitely, but we’ll have to wait another 16 days to find out.

We should note that we haven’t heard from Palm regarding CES. If we do, we’ll pass it along.

webOS 2.0 Screenshots on Sprint Palm Pre

Palm has been working on bring all the goodness of webOS 2.0 to all current devices, including the original Sprint Palm Pre. Reports on speed say it’s “not fast enough“, but we’re reminded that it’s still a beta. Engadget provides a gallery of screenshots. We are also seeing the debut of much needed voice calling. No word on when this will release, but we’ll let you know.

webos 2.0 voice dialing

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webOS 2.0 Coming in 2011?

Most of us expected that webOS 2.0 would be available by the end of 2010 for current devices. That’s looking more and more unlikely as we hit the mid-point of December. Even if it’s released to carriers, we all know the delays in getting even minor updates out the door. One has to wonder if webOS 2.0 is ready for prime time? Outside of a small group of developers who received a free Pre 2 for attending Palm’s recent developer conference, the only way to secure Palm’s new Pre 2 in the US is to purchase an unlocked model for $450. Maybe troubles with webOS 2.0 are the reason for the delay of the Verizon Palm Pre 2?

PreCentral notes that O2 Germany’s Twitter account indicates that webOS 2.0 won’t hit devices until Q1.

We hoped that Palm’s vague release date of “coming months” was simply a ploy to over deliver. That doesn’t appear to be the case and now we’re left waiting. What’s more, we’ve yet to see webOS 2.0 running on a device other than the Palm Pre 2. webOS 1.4.5 runs slow on an non-patched Palm Pre Plus. Will the new OS resolve the speed issues that plague all of the current generation devices? I guess we’ll find out in Q1.

Palm Pre 2 Confirmed in UK for Monday at £399

The speculation as to the UK release date of the SIM-free Palm Pre 2 has been put to bed as of late last night. The official Palm UK Twitter account announced the Pre 2 will be available starting on Monday at a price of £399. Being free of carrier commitments will cost you. As of today, that’s a hefty price of $643 US dollars for the privilege of purchasing the Palm Pre 2.

Palm Pre 2 UK

webosroundup via @palm_uk via @mechanicalmind

Jon Rubinstein To Appear At D: Dive Into Mobile

From the folks that bring you All Things D in the sprint comes a new conference that focuses strictly on mobile appropriately titled D: Dive Into Mobile. This year, Jon Rubinstein of HP Palm will be one of the many participants. The event takes place on December 6-7. We’re thinking it would be a good time to release webOS 2.0 in or around those dates. In any event, it should be interesting to hear Palm’s plans for 2011.
Dive Into Mobile

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Palm Pre 2 Preview

The lucky gentlemen at Phonescoop were granted a date with the Palm Pre 2. Palm again reminds journos that these units are pre-production and that leaves us wondering if there will be any changes when the Palm Pre 2 ships. You can view the full preview here, but here are some interesting snippets along with a video tour.

The most obvious changes to the Pre 2’s appearance are the new bevel around the front glass surface, which, by the way, is now Gorilla Glass. The display looks identical to the original, and the volume toggle, power/lock key, and silencing switch are all identical. The biggest and most welcome improvement to the hardware is the keyboard. Palm, changed the shape of the keys, and gave them much better travel and feedback. It still feels a bit cramped, but typing is much more satisfying on the revised hardware. The Pre 2 has a 1GHz processor, and the webOS 2.0 platform absolutely FLIES now.The speed improvements are real, and definitely appreciated.

Interesting that the display is reportedly Gorilla Glass. Many of these Palm Pre 2 previews showcase the speed of webOS 2.0. Cards are fast on pre-Pre 2 hardware with webOS 1.4.5. Will in-app speed be improved and will this carry over to pre-Pre 2 hardware? Those are the big questions for webOS 2.0. Still no official word on a release date for the Palm Pre 2 or webOS 2.0.

Palm Pre 2 Sizzle Promotional Video

This video has been making the rounds for a few days and we’ve yet to feature here. This isn’t a commercial, but rather a short promo video highlighting webOS. Given the similarities in form factor to the original Pre, it will be interesting to see how Palm/Verizon market the Palm Pre 2. Will they go purely OS and how do they convey all of the improvements in the Palm Pre 2? What we do know is that it’s not likely that we’ll see Creepy Girl 2.0.


MotionApps Stops ‘Classic’ Development, Hands Source Code To Palm

MotionApps, the company behind the PalmOS emulator ‘Classic’, has decided to stop development and sales of their app immediately. According to their blog, the decision was based upon the removal of Classic’s ROM in webOS 2.0, which is necessary for it to work.
MotionApps Classic

The company issued the following statement:

We are sad to announce that Palm has removed Classic’s ROM from the new webOS 2.0 device ROM which will result in Classic not working if utilized with Palm’s new webOS 2.0.

This is contrary to our agreement with Palm and was done without our approval or consent. Based on this action, MotionApps will immediately stop selling Classic. However, as a courtesy to our clients, we will continue to support existing Classic customers on webOS 1.x for the immediate future.

Be that as it may, we believe in PalmOS and we want to do what we can to help Palm succeed in their future endeavors. So we decided to hand over the entire Classic source code and all of our accompanying IP to Palm so that Palm can do what they want to do with Classic and make it available with webOS 2.0.

Palm now has all the pieces to manage and control Classic’s future.

Thank you all who supported us along the way and who love PalmOS the way we do.

MotionApps Team

The onus on supporting ‘Classic’ now falls in the hands of Palm. webOS 2.0 is a major upgrade, but owners of ‘Classic’ might find themselves on the fence if there is no support for their legacy PalmOS apps.

How about you? Something more important that Diddlebug has you hooked on Classic and stop you from upgrading to webOS 2.0 until there is ‘Classic’ support.

MotionApps via @webOSInternals