New HP webOS Ad Takes Walk On Wild Side

HP used the Grammy’s last night to preview the HP TouchPad and webOS among other
HP technologies. The “Anthem” ad uses the classic Lou Reed song “Take a Walk on the Wild Side”.

Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

Video: webOS Think Beyond Event

HP has just posted the entire video of Think Beyond event and we present it to you for your viewing pleasure.

No webOS 2.0 OTA Updates for Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi or Pixi Plus Owners

News is breaking that HP will not be releasing any OTA updates to webOS 2.0 for existing devices. So if you’ve purchased an original Palm or even a recent Palm Pre Plus, you will not be receiving an OTA update to webOS 2.0. The only path to that OS is to purchase a new device. What, what, whaaat?

No webOS update

PreCentral’s Dieter Bohn reports that HP intends to launch a website in the coming months that “offers a path to 2.X”. For months, we’ve all been hearing that webOS 2.0 would be available as an OTA download. The reason given has to do with major backend changes required that would have made it increasingly difficult to offer webOS 2.x to previous owners.

And people though we were crazy when we talked about the fragmentation of webOS. This is just all sorts of wrong.

via PreCentral

Sound Off: What are your hopes, dreams and wishes for today’s event?

In less than three hours, the fun begins. HP|Palm is set to unveil “the future” at their Think Big. Think Small. Think Beyond event. By now it’s pretty much a given that we’ll see one or more tablets and we’re surmising some new phone. Our hope is that we’ll see some shipping dates attached to the new products announced today, in addition to a wide array of carrier support.

What are you hopes, dreams and wishes for today’s event? Have a prediction or two or three. Let us know in the comments. Our thoughts, Palm needs a superphone.

HP To Release “Game Changer” According to Nostradamus

The lastest in the line of “Release My Pre” videos. February 9th cannot get here soon enough.

Why Palm Needs a Hero Phone

Over the past few years, Palm has been great at creating hype to surround their events. They have been very successful in getting everyone in a tizzy before product announcements. Prior to this past CES, where they sat on the sidelines, Palm has done a fantastic job in creating buzz around their events. In many ways, I’ve considered Palm events to be Apple-like, save for the black turtleneck. When Palm announced the Pre in 2009, the run-up to the release was exciting and Palm delivered. Flash forward to 2011 and the hype machine is well underway. Now under HP, Palm is once again in a familiar place, on the big stage they’ve created. They skipped CES and now the lights will shine even brighter on the stage on February 9th. The invite says, “Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond”. The past few weeks have brought no shortage of leaks surrounding Topaz, one of multiple webOS tablets expected to make their public debut on February 9th. Not much has been said or leaked regarding the most important piece of any mobile platform and that’s a long overdue update to webOS phones. Dan Ramirez at webOSRoundup put it best when he said, “smartphones are the epicenter of mobile computing”. The time for HP|Palm to deliver a hero phone is now and it’s vital to the success of any tablet or product that will be part of the larger webOS ecosystem said to be in the works.

Palm Hero Phone

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Palm Contest Offers A Chance For You To See Big Reveal

Have you heard that something big is happening on February 9th? What if you could join HP Palm for the big reveal? The company is going to select one lucky member of the community to do just that. In order to enter, you need to tweet the following message in it’s entirety. One lucky member of the community will be flown out to San Francisco for the “Think Big, Think Small, Think Beyond” event.

Palm webOS event

Hey, @palm – I’m ready to #thinkbeyond on February 9:

If you are on Twitter or planning on joining for the contest, don’t forget to follow @everythingpre.
via Palm’s blog

Leaks Provide Possible Details of Upcoming webOS Tablet

Our friends over at PreCentral were the lucky recipients of a presentation that details the specs of the upcoming webOS tablet codenamed Topaz. The document is reportedly from last year, so things could have changed.

Topaz specs

Here are the specifications according the document:

Processor Dual-core Qualcomm MSM8660 at 1.2GHz
Graphics Integrated Adreno 220 GPU
Screen 9.7″ XGA 1024 x 768
Dimensions 190mm x 240mm x 13.7mm
Weight 700g / 1.5lb (estimated)
Storage 16g / 32g / 64g eMMC
Camera Front-facing 1.3mp camera for Video Chat
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
WiFi Dual-band 802.11 b/g/n
Other Radios Optional WWAN for HSPA, LTE, perhaps CDMA later
Sensors Accelerometer, eCompass, Gyro, Light Sensor, Microphone
Speakers 2 integrated speakers with Beats Audio, 3.5mm audio jack
Battery 24WHr for >8hrs, using two 3150mAh cells

The Topaz tablet is said to be 9″, include 512MB of RAM and come in three sizes (16GB, 32GB, 64GB). The device is said to include a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front, no camera on the back. The device will support Touchstone charging, but a new variation dubbed v2. HP also intends to offer Flash support, in an effort to differentiate the webOS tablets from the iPad.

The hardware looks impressive, but the success will depend upon HP’s ability to get developers on board and deliver applications that are tablet specific. PreCentral also details assorted changes to the webOS UI for tablets. How many days until February 9th?

HP Files for HP Touchpad Trademark, Possible Naming for webOS Tablets?

Yesterday, it was uncovered that HP had filed for a trademark for the term ‘HP Touchpad’. This has led to speculation that the forthcoming webOS tablets might include that name in some form.  It seemed unlikely the company would go with PalmPad, given the transition to HP branding that’s been occurring as of late.

HP Touchpad

So what do you think? Like the name HP Touchpad? Don’t care as long as it rocks? Let us know in the comments.

PocketNow via Engadget

Think Big, Think Small, Think Poll

Regardless of what happens on February 9th, HP|Palm has got everyone jazzed for the big unveiling of new webOS products. We expect tablets and multiple handsets at the event. Anything less would be a disappointment. Ideally, the company would hit it out the ballpark with both product lines. What if you had to choose one? What’s most important to you? Tablet or phone?

HP webOS announcement