How would you build a webOS Pad?

There’s plenty of chatter on the Internet regarding the iPad. Spend some time in an iPad forum and you’ll find it’s mostly negative. It’s not that the iPad is a terrible product. Most haven’t seen it in person or held it in their hands. I’d venture to say that most think the concept is a great idea, given the massive excitement prior to Wednesday’s announcement by Apple. So if there is a new market for a product that fits somewhere between smartphone and laptop, wouldn’t you think Palm would be positioned to jump in and quickly? webOS developers can easily scale their apps to fit on a mythical webOS Pad with a few easy code changes. With fallout from the iPad, you certainly wouldn’t need any focus groups to know what people want from this device. Here’s what we’d like to see if Palm were to design a webOS Pad. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section.


  • Multi-tasking: That’s a no-brainer, since it’s already part of webOS smartphones
  • Flash support: On a device of this size, there is no good excuse for it not being supported. Plus, we know it’s coming with 1.4, so we can safely put it on our webOS Pad.
  • Productivity apps: Ok, Apple’s got their iWork suite, so Palm would have their work cut out for them here. Provide the developers who create Docs To Go the ability to create a native app, one that would allow for editing Office Docs.
  • Games: webOS PDK is scheduled for a public beta in March, so we should see ramping up of games.
  • eBooks: Partner with Barnes and Noble on a built-in eBooks store.
  • Webcam: Video conferencing, support for Skype would certainly make for one hell of a launch. Can you see Jon Rubinstein starting up a video chat?
  • Support for assorted Bluetooth accessories such as keyboards, mice, etc.
  • WiFi Model, EVDO models

We could go on and on. Instead, we ask our readers to chip in and let us know how you would make the perfect webOS Pad. Who knows, maybe next year at CES we’ll get our wish. Dream big!