White Pages App for webOS Arrives In Time for Veer 4G

In support of the Veer 4G launch (which happens on Sunday), WhitePages today have announced a new on-the-go directory. The app will also be available to anyone running webOS 1.4.1 or higher. The new White Pages app offers the following:

  • Mobile People Search: Immediate access to the most comprehensive source of phone numbers and addresses. WhitePages’ database includes contact information for over 200 million people — that’s 90 percent of the US population.
  • Local Business Search: By detecting user location, WhitePages’ easy to use business search provides fast results for nearby businesses by name or by category.
  • Location Aware Store Locator: Popular stores are automatically suggested based on device location, with one-tap access to over 1 million verified businesses to find the best results fast.
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: Putting a name to unknown numbers with ease, standard WhitePages search finds landlines and businesses, and premium search options are available for cell phones and other hard to find numbers.
  • Save to Contacts: Add caller name, address and number to the phone’s address book with just one tap.

The developers haven’t simply replicated the app from other platforms. They’ve gone one step further to provide deep integration specific to the webOS platform.

  • Integration with ‘Just Type’ webOS universal search to easily find and update phone numbers, email and physical addresses not already in users’ phone address books.
  • A groundbreaking new cross-linking capability that allows app developers and merchants to use a simple “W” icon to populate order forms and delivery forms with WhitePages listing information within their own application. The FTD Mobile Florist and YouView Visual Voicemail webOS applications are supporting this today, with more applications to come.
  • For HP webOS Homebrew enthusiasts, a patch is now available that enables phone number lookups directly from the phone dialer to identify unknown callers with a single tap.

WhitePages on-the-go app will be available in the HP App Catalog and the always attractive price of free.