Microsoft Confirms Sprint Will Be Carrier For New Windows Mobile Treo

Microsoft today announced the official release of Windows Mobile 6.1. That in itself is big news, but perhaps bigger news for Treo enthusiasts lies in the
official confirmation that Sprint will be the carrier of the new Palm Treo. It’s also confirmed that the new Treo will feature Windows Mobile 6.1. The browser alone will offer a significant improvement over it’s predecessor, serving up webpages similar to those found on your desktop browser.

Update:Sprint has issued a press release that also confirms this news. The press release reads, “In addition, all of Sprint’s new Windows Mobile smartphones launching in the second half of 2008 will offer Windows Mobile 6.1 software, including a new Palm Treo launching later this year. Additional details will be announced upon commercial availability.”

Sprint Treo 800w

In the release from Microsoft, the list of devices and carriers getting the new update and reads, “Sprint: A new Palm Treo….” Still no confirmation on the July release date for the Treo 800w, but
when it does arrive, expect it on Sprint Wireless and to features Windows Mobile 6.1. Surprisingly, the Palm Treo 750 was not on the list of devices to receive the update, nor was the Treo 700w/wx.

Sprint Roadmap Shows July Release for Treo 800w

An allegedly leaked Sprint roadmap that shows the Treo 800w scheduled
for a July release. Normally, we’d chalk this up to some creative Photoshop work, but it has since been removed from the original source on the SprintUsers forum lending to it’s credibility.

During a recent conference call to discuss Palm’s fiscal results, many of the questions were related to the release of the next generation Treo. While confirming that an enterprise, Windows Mobile based Treo is in the works, Palm CEO Ed Colligan would only say, "Those products aren’t coming out this quarter", referring to the companies 3rd fiscal quarter. That quarter ends on June 30th, again making a July release for the Treo 800w to appear more and more likely.

Treo 800w Specifications

The roadmap lists the following as features of the upcoming Treo 800w. No official word from Palm or Sprint, so these could change once the product is officially announced.

  • Replaces 700w
  • WM 6.0
  • EvDO Rev A
  • WiFi
  • Autonomous GPS
  • Camera & Non-camera versions

Many are speculating that Microsoft will announce Windows Mobile 6.1 on April 1st. If true, than it’s certainly likely that Windows Mobile 6.1 will ship on the Treo 800w when it is released.

Source: WMExperts