Neato! Chrome to Phone… but better!

In my brief time using FroYo on Android, one of the things that impressed me the most was the then beta application made by Google – Chrome to Phone. If you’ve never heard of this,what it does is allows you to send a link straight from your Chrome browser and within seconds it’s loaded up on your phone. It’s such a simple yet superb concept and you’ll never think you needed it until you use it.

Now what developer Geoff Gauchet aka @zhephree has done, is taken this idea and made it hugely more versatile. His app called ‘Neato!’, doesn’t require an extension to be installed in the browser (like Chrome to Phone does with Google Chrome), it works by creating a unique bookmarklet which you simply just drag to your bookmarks in your desired browser. Yes – this works in ANY browser! This is then pushed to your Pre or Pixi via the PubSubHubBub service. It also allows you to send highlighted text which can then be copied to the clipboard with ease straight from the phone. It’ll recognise a Google Maps URL and open up Google Maps, a Youtube link and open up Youtube, and coming in a later update, it’ll be able to recognise a phone number and open up the phone app straight away which is simply an awesome time-saver and what will make this app so cool to use.

The only downside is it’s not out yet! It’s currently in the hands of Palm awaiting review, so shouldn’t be long. The app cost a very reasonable $1.43 | 94p, and really one of the main reason it’s as paid app is for server costs. So watch out for this dropping in an App Catalog near you!

For full details head over to Zhephree’s blog here

UPDATE: This is now out! Palm approved this overnight, so head over to the App Catalog and get it here

webOS 2.0 device ‘RoadrunnerHD’ spotted on logs

Late last night, the dev of the awesome Cloud Hopper – Killin’ It LLC – spotted a rogue device courtesy of the logs on webOSroundup’s tool Metrix:-

As you can see, this device is using a resolution of 640 x960 and running v2.0 of webOS. Or should I really say device in inverted commas? I’ve decided to remain sceptical about this, although on initial reaction I admit I was a little excited, and, of course, got carried away a bit. Now this isn’t the first time of course that something like this has popped up courtesy of this clever little tool; developer Zhephree of the Foursquare app posted a screenshot of his logs showing a Roadrunner device, however as his app is open-source it was considered pretty easy for the deviceID and data to be edited.  That said, although CloudHopper is a closed-source app, making it potentially more difficult to fake this data, it’s still pretty possible this is the case.  Some educated insight from Zhephree explains:-


So….make of this what you will. Speculate. Salivate. There’s certainly nothing like a bit of a webOS rumour mill. Afterall, we’ve gotten pretty good at it

Original source: Killin’ It LLC’s twitter