ToughSkin for Treo 650 Review

Review: Speck ToughSkin for Treo 650

Ratings: 3 of 5
By: Christopher Meinck

The ToughSkin case for Treo 650 is the follow-up to the SkinTight case from Speck Products. This one is the heavy
duty big brother that offers an added level of protection. In our review, we’ll compare and contrast the two cases along with highlighting the differences.

Speck ToughSkin for Treo 650 Case


Similar to the SkinTight, all Speck products come in a very attractive blister pack and the ToughSkin is no different. The package includes:

  • ToughSkin Case
  • Holster
  • Plastic Screen Protector
  • Keyboard Skin Protector Wrap

High Quality Rubberized Protection

The Speck ToughSkin for Treo 650 comes in either clear or black. Having reviewed the SkinTight, I knew that the ToughSkin is actually made of Kraton which is a special polymer plastic. So, whereas most “skin” cases are made of silicone, this case is silicone free. Kraton as a nice feel to it which is important. You can see the difference in protection on the top of the Treo where it is much thicker than the SkinTight. The sides have four “rows” of added protection on the sides. The added thickness would help protect the Treo if it took a spill. It also gives the ToughSkin a more rugged look. The grooved sides also made it easy to grip the Treo.

Treo Coverage

The ToughSkin has a plastic lid that inserts into two rubber holes. This provides the highest level of protection. It also offers allows you the option to remove the plastic cover. Accessing your Treo with the cover can be cumbersome. On more than one occasion, I found myself tapping the cover rather than the screen. With the cover removed, I noticed the piece that covers the navigation buttons began to “pop up” and not fit very tightly. The SD card is covered, so if you need to access your SD card (for loading files via a USB drive), then this case would not be ideal for you. The ToughSkin offers an added level of coverage not found in the SkinTight. There is a rubberized wrap that fits over the case to protect the keyboard. The bottom of the Treo has a flap where the HotSync cable or Wall Charger gets connected. This was meant to provide protection to all your ports should carry your Treo in very inclement weather or where there are extreme dust conditions.

Treo 650 Holster Included

Like the SkinTight, the ToughSkin comes complete with a holster. The ToughSkin fits nicely in the included holster. This is definitely a plus for the Speck products. Also, with the ToughSkin’s bulk, it almost requires a holster since carrying it in your pocket would prove difficult.

Accessing Your Treo

When the Treo 650 is in the ToughSkin case, you have access to the following:

  • Stylus
  • Camera
  • Ringer Switch
  • Volume Controls
  • Main Navigation buttons*
  • HotSync Input**

* Both the Volume Controls and Main Navigation Buttons are protected by skin but small rubber balls help identify by touch and manipulate the buttons. ** Access to the HotSync portion of your Treo is fine for Car Charger cables or Wall Chargers. We tested in the InnoDock and it’s difficult to get it to fit. When it does, it stands straight up.


The ToughSkin for Treo 650 offers a level of protection greater than the Speck SkinTight. It’s rugged looks are appealing (the black case looks mean!) and there’s no doubt it offers the highest level of protection found in a skin case. The flexibility of the screen protector and keyboard skin wrap allows the individual user to “select” their level of protection. The added protection of the ToughSkin comes at a price with slightly more added bulk than it’s predecssor. If you carry your Treo in high dust areas and are concerned about dust particles, then you’ll appreciate the ability to of a skin case to protect the keyboard and hotsync input. This case is clearly made for those who carry their Treo in areas not suitable for electronics. For most users, the SkinTight is a better option as it offers solid protection, less bulk and compatibility with products such as the Seidio InnoDock.

The Speck ToughSkin for Treo 650 retails for $34.95 and is available in clear and black.

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