Treo 680 Review Conclusion

Treo 680 Review: Conclusion

December 4, 2006

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By: Christopher Meinck

Pros and Cons


  • New form factor combined with antenna-less design really provides for the lightest, smallest Treo to date
  • New Phone applications simplifies interface by integrating four applications into one making this an easy Treo to use
  • Affordable at $199 at launch and could drop to $99 in foreseeable future
  • SD card moved to internal slot avoids potential loss
  • Works with most Treo 650 chargers/cables
  • Supports both Mac and PC
  • Good software bundle includes Docs To Go, PocketTunes and Bejeweled


  • Slow internet connection despite “smart caching”
  • Bluetooth does not support stereo or voice dial
  • Camera images are low resolution and tend to be blurry
  • Fun colors are only available with unlocked versions at twice the price ($399 through Palm)
  • No WiFi or support for WiFi SDIO card
  • No reset button

Palm expects the Treo 680 to meet the needs of new budget conscious smartphone shoppers while offering a viable upgrade option for Treo 650 owners. For those Treo 650 owners who have shown patience while Palm has released major upgrades on the CDMA networks, the Treo 680 will come as a disappointment and might spell further trouble for the Palm OS. With a Treo 750 release expected shortly, those looking for features worthy of an upgrade might find it in the Treo 750, a phone that will run Windows Mobile. For those who are new to smartphones, I wouldnt hesitate to recommend the Treo 680. The new smaller, antenna-less design makes it the smallest Treo to date and one that finally feels right in pant or shirt pockets. Palm has always been known for their easy-to-use operating system and the Treo 680 is no different. The new Phone application does a fantastic job of integrating the dial pad, wallpaper, contacts and call log making this Treo easier to use than any previous Treo smartphone. Internet access and email is sufficient using the EDGE network, but disappointing when compared to the Treo 700p. Business users will benefit from the ability to edit or access Office documents and the included software bundle (Pocket Tunes, Pics and Video, Bejeweled) makes this a well-equipped Treo at an affordable price.

Pricing and Availability

The Palm Treo 680 is available in graphite through Cingular Wireless and online direct through Palm. Prices start at $199 (after rebates with a 2-year contract).

Unlocked versions of the Treo 680 are priced at $399 and are only available direct from Palm or at a Palm Store. The unlocked GSM Treo 680 smartphone can be used on any GSM network and allows you to choose between four colors:

Treo 680 in colors

  • Crimson
  • Arctic White
  • Copper
  • Graphite

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