Treo 680

Treo 680

According to several sources, it appears Palm will be releasing a new low cost Palm Treo 680. The Treo 680 will run the Palm operating system and will be available worldwide on over 20 wireless carriers. It will be GSM based and expect the Treo 680 to be released in the US through Cingular Wireless.

Cingular Treo 680

Treo 680 Specifications

The Treo 680 has not been officially announced by Palm, so specifications have still not been confirmed. It is being speculated that the new Treo 680 will feature a VGA camera and the dimensions will mirror more expensive Treo 750. There is no word on whether it will use the same finish used by the Black Tie Treo 650 and Treo 750v. Being a low-cost, entry-level model, you can expect Palm to leave some features out of the lower cost Treo 680 such as WiFi, push email or a 3 megapixel camera.

Treo 680 back

Treo 680 Release Date

No official word from Palm on the release date for the Treo 680, but Palm CEO Ed Colligan has implied it’s “coming soon”. It would be surprising if this new phone were not available in the fall of 2006.

Treo 680

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