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Music and Videos

January 11, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

The default multimedia application on the 700w is Windows Media Player. From within Windows Media, I tested a few MP3รข??s, which play no different than on the Treo 650. Windows Media ships with one skin, but you can customize the player skin. Coming from a Mac, I’ve never been a fan of Windows Media Player on the desktop and there was nothing particularly special about this version. For music, the interface includes buttons that simulate a player. There is a web icon, which launches Internet Explorer and loads Windows Media Mobile. From here you could watch streaming video or listen to streaming radio. Both audio and video content streamed without issue back to Windows Media Player. I was disturbed by the way Windows Mobile skins the video player. Its interface masks the size of the actual video by taking the top, sides and bottom of the screen. What you’re left with is a minimal size video the size of stretched postage stamp. In one instance, I was pleased not to see buffering issues. I couldn’t see myself watching programs on the Treo 700w in this format. I’m waiting for MobiTV to support the Treo 700w. The Treo 700w clearly has speed advantages, but it’s hampered by the small screen that’s made worse by delivering a small video. Additionally, this video wasn’t even sharp and doesn’t compare to video coming out of the Treo 650. It’s unfortunate the Treo 650 suffers from buffering issues when accessing streaming video.

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