Treo 700w Review Office Applications

Treo 700w Review Continued:
Office Applications

January 11, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

This is a productivity device and as you’d expect, Microsoft has included their Office Productivity Suite. Included with Windows Mobile 5 is:

  • Word Mobile
  • Excel Mobile
  • PowerPoint Mobile

I sent a Word document to the Treo 700w via email and did a “Save As” to the Personal folder. When I launched Word Mobile, it automatically brought up a list of documents on my device. Despite setting my font size very low, Word Mobile displayed a larger font, which is probably more suitable for editing or reading Word docs. You can create new documents as well. Familiar editing features as the desktop are found in the Mobile version. This is a more that suitable for road warriors needing to create, edit or view Word documents. Excel documents also allow you to view and edit spreadsheets. While the Treo 700w does support landscape, there aren’t any real benefits since the screen is 240×240. Editing large Excel documents could prove to be a cumbersome process on the smaller screen. Zoom views allow you to see more of the spreadsheet, but it becomes unreadable under 75 percent zoom. With PowerPoint, you can open and view slideshows. Also supported are animations, URL’s and transitions. Powerpoint presentations looked surprisingly good on the Treo 700w. The ability to edit slides would have been helpful for business traveler’s looking to finish up a presentation on a flight without having to drag out their laptops. While there isn’t an option in Excel Mobile to view in Landscape Mode, that option does appear in PowerPoint Mobile. Again, there is no significant value to switching to portrait view since the Treo 700w’s screen is 240×240. It looks the same for either portrait or landscape.

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