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Pictures and Video

January 11, 2006

By: Christopher Meinck

The Treo 700w comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera, which is an upgrade over the 650. Like messaging, the camera application is nestled in with your pictures. So, to access the camera, you first have to access Pictures and Video from the Start Menu and then select Camera. While in the Camera application, you have a few options you can set:

  • Brightness: Ranges from +3 to -3.
  • Resolution: 1280×1024, 640×480, 320×240, 240×180, 160×120
  • Zoom: 1X, 2X
  • Using up/down on the 5-way navigator, you can change the zoom on both devices from 1x to 2x. I like the options for lower resolutions. As you build your contacts database, you might use the lower resolution photos for the Photo Speed Dial favorites. I’ve always been of the opinion that cell phone/smartphone cameras are useful for that moment when you don’t have your digital camera. It’s not a replacement, but rather a device that allows you to capture moments you wouldn’t necessarily be able to. Point being, while the increased megapixel capability of the 700w is nice, it’s not going to replace your digital camera. Accessibility of the application should have been made easier. The 700w clearly beats out the Treo 650 when it comes to photo quality. Here are photos of Floyd taken with both the Treo 650 (on the left) and the Treo 700w on the right. To see the actual photo at full size, click on the corresponding photo.

    Photo taken with Treo 650
    Photo taken with Treo 700w

    While in Pictures and Video, you can:

    • Send photo via SMS or Email
    • Set photo as background for Windows Today
    • Play a Slideshow

    Overall, the quality was very good coming out of phone. You can save a default location for photos, which I changed to my storage card. Oddly enough, there is no option to actually manage your existing photos. For instance, there were photos taken initially that I wanted to Send to Card. To take Video on the Treo 7oow, you first have to enter Camera, hit Menu and switch to Video Mode. To either take a photo or record video, you have to hit the middle button on the 5-way navigator. The Treo 650’s application offers a “mac-like” interface that allows you to play, pause, stop and easily switch between camera and video applications. The Windows version needs to incorporate features from the Treo 650 Camera application. The current application is too menu driven and accessing the camera/video application is time consuming.

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