Treo 800w Release Date and Specs

A rumored release date of July 22nd has surfaced for the greatly anticipated Palm Treo 800w along with impressive specifications.

Palm Treo 800w
Rumored photo of upcoming Treo 800w

Treo 800w Specifications

  • Palm Threaded SMS
  • WM 6.1
  • Autonomous GPS
  • 256/128 Memory
  • Official color: Charcoal Black
  • 320×320 resolution
  • EvDO Rev A
  • Wifi

According to the souce of these specs, the Treo 800w is “super fast” and the form factor will be bigger than the Palm Centro, but smaller than the Treo 750. This new Treo will get a high resolution 320×320 screen, WiFi, threaded SMS done by Palm, GPS and support for Sprint’s EvDO Rev A network. All looks good, now let’s hope Palm and Sprint make this official.

Source: WM Experts

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