Treo Hollywood Photos

Treo Hollywood Photos?

Photos of the rumored Treo Hollywood model have surfaced. The new Treo Hollywood is a fashion conscious version of the popular Palm Treo smartphone. It’s still up for debate on whether these photos are authentic. For months, it was speculated the Treo Hollywood would be a slimmer version of the Treo and would lose the signature antenna found on previous Treo models.

Palm Treo Hollywood

Treo Hollywood on Cingular Network

Late last year, we reported that Ed Colligan mentioned that Palm would be introducing four new Treo models in 2006. To date, Palm has only delivered the Treo 700w, leaving three new smartphone releases on the horizon. Sprint is reportedly releasing a Palm OS version of the Treo 700 – dubbed the Palm Treo 700p. According to individual who posted the photos, the Hollywood Treo is being tested on Cingular’s network. The photos also show the Hollywood running Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system.

Hollywood Treo pic

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