Treo Pro for Sprint Wireless Coming?

In late October, we first learned about the Sprint carrying the Treo Pro when it came up in a product listing in their support section. With much of the excitement surrounding Palm’s CES event appropriately aimed squarely at the Nova OS and new Palm phone, it appears that we might also get the official word on a Sprint Treo Pro. Mobility Today grabbed a screenshot when Palm’s new website went live and it clearly shows a CDMA variant of the Treo Pro being available. To date, the Treo Pro has only been available as an unlocked GSM model.

It could prove that Thursday will bring announcements of new OS, new product line and a Sprint Treo Pro. Of course, Christopher Meinck will be there offering live blow-by-blow coverage. Sign up for the reminder or simply get your eyes set on on Thursday at 2:00 p.m. EST.


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