Treo Pro Unboxing(s)

Several technology blogs received the Treo Pro over the past few days and for the most part the consensus appears to be overwhelmingly positive. Engadget Mobile was first to receive their Treo Pro and have put together an extensive gallery .

Palm puts a lot of thought into the little pieces of every Treo they product, but none more so than the Treo Pro “, says Dieter Bohn of WMExperts . Bohn, who has perfected the art of unboxing, takes you on a virtual tour inside the Apple-esque packing of the Pro.


Andrew over at Treonauts says, “The Treo Pro looks a bit like a high-tech polished black pebble – a Zen of tranquility on the outside but one that also happens to be bursting with energy inside (thanks to a fast processor, 3G data, WiFi, GPS and a whole lot more).”

There appears to be an embargo date on full reviews, as most sources point to next week for complete reviews. Everything Treo has yet to receive the Treo Pro, but expect a comprehensive review as soon as a review unit is made available.

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