Treo Thanks a Million Contest Winners

Treo “Thanks a Million” Contest Winners

By: Christopher Meinck

PalmOne, celebrating the sales of over 1 million Treo smartphones, held a one day celebration on April 19th. To celebrate the event, visitors to the palmOne site were able to enter a contest to receive a free Treo 650. All in all, they gave away 144 Treo 650’s or a Treo 650 every 5 minutes. To enter, contestants were asked to mouse over a flash animation that replicated the Treo experience and show the versatility of the Treo smartphone. At the conclusion of the demonstration, you were able to enter the contest. Winners should be notified today. It appears that everyone who entered is a winner, as we received a 15% off coupon for any Treo accessory. With any luck, a member of the community will be one of the lucky winners of a Treo 650.

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