UberKernel flies to 1GHz

The loving team over at @webosinternals ┬áhave updated their ever impressive UberKernel to now support the 1GHz CPU overclocking speeds. Of course, these speeds were previously available to those who felt the need to live life on the’ bleeding’ edge and test out various alpha kernels that incorporated these speeds, but Rod Whitby and co felt the time had come that this clock speed had been tested long enough to be stable for a public release, so they’ve rolled it up in to UberKernel.

To make way for the 1GHz speeds, the 550MHz speed has been removed from the kernel (see ya!). Also incorporated is the temperature override whereby if your Pre’s CPU reaches 55c it’ll downclock automagically to stock speeds until it’s cooled down to 50c. These settings can be changed to your liking, but in my opinion, best left as they are. The kernel also maintains all available governor settings, screenstate (my personal choice), conservative, ondemand, powersave, userspace and performance.

If you’ve sticking with UberKernel and haven’t checked your Preware updates in a couple of days, you may wanna go and do it now. Or indeed, if you’ve been holding back until a stabler release of this speed arrived, then now is your time. Go do it. Your Pre will thank you for it.

Photo courtesy of Rimarkable

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