Vaja Introduces Choice

Vaja Introduces Choice

Vaja, leading manufacturer of fine leather cases for
cellphones, MP3 players and more notable the Treo 650, have
introduced a new design system on their website.


Vaja CHOICE, is a very slick new design that allows customers to enter an
online customization center for Vaja cases, where you can choose from
their wide array of custom colors. In our recent review of the iVolution T66 for Treo 650 case we said, "Those of you familiar with design will revel at the opportunity to pick your case based upon Pantone colors. Pop-up windows will allow you to browse the cases. Vaja has a very nice site, but this process can get awfully tiring. They should consider contracting someone to build a flash application that allows you to “customize the color of your case”. The current process is a bit cumbersome and too many choices can leave you in limbo." It looks as if Vaja has answered the bell with

Visit Vaja Choice for more information.

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