Verizon Might Not See Boost With Palm Pre

An interesting online research study was conducted by whereby they measured wireless customers who were shopping around for devices that were not available with their carrier. Those with 10 pageviews or more at competitive wireless carriers were dubbed “pre-churners”. The name has no direct correlation to the Pre, as a Verizon customer shopping for an iPhone 3GS could also be considered a pre-churner. Essentially, it’s a Verizon customer who is spending a significant amount of time on a competitive carrier websites and might switch based upon device.


The study found just 1.7 percent of Verizon pre-churners were interested in the Palm Pre, compared to 14.8 percernt who were interested in the iPhone 3GS. Of course, the Palm Pre is still a relatively new phone, so those numbers are bound to increase as there are more devices in market and there is a greater brand awareness of Palm’s new OS and phone. One must also consider that possibly these pre-churners might have concerns over Sprint’s network compared to AT&T’s network, thus a lower number of pre-churners surfing Sprint’s website.

Are you a Verizon customer anxiously waiting the Palm Pre? Did you make the switch or did you consider making the switch from Verizon to Sprint?

[via Wireless Week]


  1. Have 7 yrs. w/ Sprint. Considered swtchng to ATT to get iPhone but monthly cost would be $50 more for what i get on ‘Simply Evrythng’ plan w/ Sprint.
    So decided to go with the PalmPre yesterday. What i save a month will pay for the phone in 4 mo. The Pre does everything i need and has multitasking, too.
    So far, i love the Pre. still on the learning curve, tho.

  2. Yes, I am anxiously waiting for Verizon to get the Pre. I’m scared of going with Sprint. I’m still on my Treo with Verizon. I’ve dropped it too many times, so people can’t hear me when I call. I’m using just a prepaid until I can get a Pre with Verizon. My friend has Sprint and can’t get calls at his house. He rates Sprint 5 out of 10. He’s thinking of leaving his contract early.

  3. Yup I’m waiting for the Pre to Release on Verizon.
    Waiting Waiting Waiting… :)

  4. I made the switch! woot!

  5. I jumped from Verizon to Sprint so I could get the Pre. No regrets. Trying to get out of paying my cancellation fee with Verizon. I was stuck with two non-Blackberry options, neither of which come close to competing with Blackberry, iPhone or Pre. Love Sprint and love my Pre!

  6. I was thinking about waiting for Verizon to get the pre cause they supposevly have a better network. but sprint has been GREAT like not even okay. BUT GREAT. i had AT&T and they sucked horribly. sprints data has EVDO almost everywhere its really fast and the only place ive lost signal is at a friends house, whom ive stoppped talking to(problem solved). and near the northern part of la canada. but other that its been great. i get service 2 levels down in a parking garage!

  7. I left Verizon for the Palm Pre…the Pre ended up being icing on the cake for me. While I loved Verizon’s network, there customer service and nickel-and-diming me for every little thing got old. Both my wife and I ended up getting Pre’s and we LOVE them and LOVE the integrated data plans Sprint has. I’ve had minor network issues, but all of them were expected. I’m happy with my decision even if and when Verizon finally gets the best phone in the USA!

  8. Alexei Tetenov says:

    I made the change from a treo 650 on Verizon Wireless to a Palm Pre on Sprint. And I’m ecstatic about the change. For people that have poor reception at home, you can get a femtocell which is a min-cell phone “tower” that plugs in your internet router and routes your calls over the internet to sprint. Check out
    Sprint is calling their product the “Airave”. There is an extra monthly fee for this, but I think that it’s still cheaper than going with Verizon. Check out

    They also put a gps chip in it, so that you don’t take it out of the US or your normal site for free international roaming calls.
    But if the problem is good reception everywhere but home, this should work for you.

  9. Yes, I am waiting patiently for the Pre on Verizon. My 755p plan is up in October,so I will hopefully only have to wait until January.,

  10. Yes, I was with Verizon for 6 years. I bought the Pre 2 days ago after a lot of research. I used a Blackberry for a couple of weeks while I waited for the PRE. So far, so good. The Sprint package I have includes everything. Also I get a discount because of where I work, so it has worked out well so far. All my kids and my wife switched to Sprint at the same time. Lots of features and so far, coverage is good. And what we get is cheaper than with Verizon. Went to Colorado last week and had good signal most of the time

  11. 1.7% huh? I was never asked.
    I have been sitting and waiting while both Palm and Verizon play their little games. If Palm wants to make it in this world, they need to just sell the dang phone. Stop trying to be “exclusive”, and try being a little more inclusive.

    Sprint lost me a long time ago and seeing what others in my family have experienced, I have no intentions of going back. Verizon has provided great coverage for many years, and not half bad service, just mostly sucky phones.

    I am close to a year beyond my 2 years with my Treo 700p, but Verizon has no phones that can take the place of my Treo. Tried some BB phones, only to return them and go back to the Treo. I have been using Palm since the IIIx. So, they have had me. It would be nice to be loved back now and then.
    (Ghaw, did that sound needy or what)

  12. Well said MYX, I have even considered jumping to AT&T for the iPhone because my 700p is about shot. Nothing Verizon sells now I would have.
    Been a Verizon customer before it was Verizon something like 13 years.
    Now show me the phones!!

  13. Switched from Verizon to Sprint to get the Pre. I was a bit worried about Sprint’s network before the switch but now I’m extremely happy I moved to Sprint. I live in Utah and originally was with AT&T before switching to Verizon. Sprint is easily better than AT&T. The family plan we are on includes everything and is about $1200 a year cheaper than the same service and options we were looking at with Verizon. Don’t think I’ll ever go back to Verizon they nickel and dime you for everything.

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