Verizon Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus Available Starting Today

It seems like we’ve been talking about a potential Verizon release of Palm’s new webOS devices for quite some time, so it’s exciting to finally be here at launch day. Yes, the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus are both available today on Verizon Wireless.


The Palm Pre Plus, offering 16GB of storage and 512MB of RAM, is priced at $149.99 (with a 2-year agreement after $100 mail-in rebate). The Palm Pixi Plus is available for $99.99(with a 2-year agreement after $100 mail-in rebate). What’s more, Verizon is offering buy one, get one free (affectionately known as BOGO) with the Palm Pixi Plus. If you buy either a Palm Pre Plus or a Palm Pixi Plus, the second is free. Of course, all phones need a 2-year contract agreement. Those ordering online will not have to suffer through the mail-in rebate process, with Verizon offering online credits on both phones.

You can find both new webOS devices at your local Verizon retail store or at Verizon Wireless Online. This being launch day, we’re thinking it might be a good idea for Verizon to say, put these new webOS devices front and center.

If you are planning on picking up either the Palm Pre Plus or Palm Pixi Plus, don’t forget to shop the EverythingPre Store for all your Palm webOS accessory needs.

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