Verizon Phasing Out Palm Pre Plus, Making Room for Palm Pre 2?

According to a few leaked documents sent to Engadget, it appears that Verizon has started to phase out a number of phones including the Palm Pre Plus. The Palm Pixi Plus is not listed among those being phased out, which leads us to believe that a possible replacement is en route for the Palm Pre Plus. Perhaps those rumors of a Palm Pre 2 heading to Verizon are true.

Verizon Palm Pre

Anyone up for new hardware?


  1. Well, that explains why they pretty much refused to fix the GPS issue and haven’t released WebOS 1.4.5 for it even though Sprint did almost a couple weeks ago.

  2. Maybe it’s phasing out with nothing replacing it?

  3. wayne chan says:

    I would like to see the Palm Pre 2 first, before I decide to make a switch to Black Berry Torch or iPhone 4. I Love my PALM PRE – GREAT SMARTPHONE.

  4. I can’t lose. HP wants to own the OS and integrate which means the PALM will have printers, keyboard. Computers and all kinds of opportunity to keep and grow a market share. So it’s why I got a 1 year contract so I could flop to a service where I can continue to use palm devices…. Yes I am a long time fan.

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