Verizon Prepares for Treo 700w Launch

Verizon Prepares for Treo 700w Launch

December 5, 2005

By: Christopher Meinck

In the past few days, the Verizon has begun preperation for the promotion of the
upcoming Treo 700w.

The ad is on the Verizon Wireless site. To view, select Personal,then Phones and Go. Although speculated, this is the
first official confirmation of the product name as the Treo 700w. Back in September, when Verizon, Palm and Microsoft
announced the Windows Mobile Treo
, they would only commit to an early 2006 release date. With promotions starting to crop
up, it appears that a January release date is possible. The flashy Verizon ad proudly boasts the Treo 700 as being, “now with
Verizon Wireless Broadband Access and Windows Mobile.

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